Question I am an experienced builder...but I am stumped. Constant game/3D crashing.

May 3, 2021
Hey all, I've been building PCs for friends/family/co-workers for years now. I have an issue with one of my builds. Bear with me this is a longer explanation letting you know that I have done my due-diligence in troubleshooting, but need more help. I am just lost at this point.

We originally built this computer last year, and it seemed to work fine until it came to gaming. Every single game he plays crashes constantly...and sporadically. It will launch and play for 5-10 minutes and crash to desktop. Sometimes with no error message. Sometimes with a "GPU_REMOVED" error message, sometimes with a "DIRECTX12 ERROR" message.....but here is the weird part. Once he lets it do it's thing and crash over and over a few times. It's fine, no crashes the rest of the play session until we start another game.

We tested everything. And have been the last year, and he's having a horrible first time PC gaming experience because of it. So I worked with him, we slowly upgraded parts that I believed could be the culprit...First a new GPU. Then a new MOBO and CPU....all upgrades. New RAM. Next new coolers and airflow, then new SSDs.

And now we are here...a year later. It is basically a new computer from day 1 of being built, all new components, windows has been reset multiple times and again on the new SSD he replaced. The only thing left from the old build is the Power Supply.

Please, if anyone has any clue as to where I should go with this next? I am at a complete loss. It's essentially a new computer besides the case and the PSU now. Drivers have been updated constantly. It's always the same crashing, in every game. Is there something I'm overlooking? I really want to help my friend out. If you need specs or any info I can link in the comments.

Thanks so much in advance for your help!


Sep 16, 2020
As everyone else said probably PSU. But are you OCing your GPU? each GPU is individual and it could be that you are putting to much strain on your GPU and GPU drivers keep crashing (Unlikely but if new PSU doesn't fix you could have a look at your OC settings)