Question I cant connect front power pins to my motherboard.

Feb 22, 2023
Basically I was chaning pc cases and the “new one” has some old front panel power pins or something. They are not like normal and divided into more pins and there are no text on them like pwr and reset.

This is the pin cable coming from front power on button:

This is the lenovo motherboard that it was plugged before in (black pins in the bottom left):

And this is my motherboard that i need to somehow connect front power pins to:

Is it possible to connect that front power pin on this motherboard ?


Yes, it is actually old case that was sitting in the basement and i just thought i would build some low budget pc but i ran into this problem

And is it a prebuilt? An aftermarket case? Any identifing markers as to its origin? You're not exactly giving us anything to go on. Remember, you have to be our eyes and ears and hands; anything you don't tell us is information we can't possibly have. As it is, you're asking us how to connect your motherboard to "something."

And without actual information to go on, I'd recommend that if you want to run this motherboard, either buy a cheap aftermarket case that works with standard aftermarket parts like your motherboard or don't run a case at all and find an aftermarket button for your power pins.