Question I don't know whats causing the crash


May 6, 2016
-my pc froze while playing battlefield V (gpu was kinda under load) with little blue squares around the top of my screen then turned off , with hardware still running but no sound and display

-reinstalled my display driver which worked for about half a day then the same happened

-cleaned out my gpu and box with compressed air didnt change anything

-gpu doesnt seem to be overheating as with msi afterburner open it never goes above 75 degrees

-I then assumed it only under load since I can play games that cause less stress on my gpu just fine so I tested with underclocking my gpu , first test with both memory and clock underclocked it ran through the 2 min 100% load test I then turned up my memory to 0 and it crashed so I swaped it around and still crash so I assumed both clock and memory had issues yet after the crash from the third test it crashed on the windows sign in screen after restarting, worked fine again after so it looks like theres something else causing an issue as I am confused why it crashes and now I'm not even sure as to what cause the crash and it seems random but more likely to happen under load

I'm planning on sending it in for a more thorough clean and new thermal paste but it doesnt seem to be caused by overheating.
specs :
gtx 980 ti
intel 10700
corsair cx750M
16 gb ddr4 ram
asus prime b460m-k
Artifacts, lines, strange colours, etc, are signs of a dying GPU. In your case, underclocking vram should do the trick but it's a temporary fix that might gold a day, a week, a month, a year... Who knows how much, but it will certainly happen again.