I have a Gateway 2600s . How do I access the internal old memory processor ? I a

Is that your PC?



Jan 22, 2012
Yes that is what my computer looks like . But , I believe that I have solved my problem . I have two computers in my " office room" and I am on mine now , The Gateway is one for my wife (of 50 years) . I am 72 ,be 73 in April . Thanks for your attention and help . It sure was not easy to find the memory processors . My computer is a Dell which I also upgraded with more memory awhile back . But I do not know if it helped or not . Both computers are like me getting old and slow .
Thanks again for your help . I will get in touch with you again if I need help , if you do not mind .

Hi there,

If u would buy a new PC, than get one with i3 CPU processor, that will give u enough power to run anything u do. Its way more power full than u have now, by a long shot.

Its not worth to upgrade what u have at home anymore. The cheapest i3 will do it for u.

If u will upgrade one day the whole PC, look at this page for the deal : )