Question I have a very hot 1070 Turbo - Asus

Jun 27, 2019
My 1070 Turbo I going up to 82 Celsius playing heavy games, i should have prober case air flow with 6 fans. I have 3 in the front facing to the side and 3 in the top. 3 in 3 out. In the Lian li pc 011 dynamic

Any suggestions to how it can get cooled down? or do I need to buy a new GPU?
BTW, these reference type GPUs can get also noisy under load though. It also depends on what type of ATX cabinet you are having.

The blower cooler will help push the hot air from the near of the chassis. It sucks air in through the single fan in the front of the card and blows it out of the back. It is important to note that even though all blower-type coolers use a single-fan design, not all single-fan cards are blower-style.

Exhausting air out the back of the card helps in cases with poor airflow since there is no hot air blown into the case; conversely, it is exhausted outside of the chassis.

On the other hand, the volume of that air is usually so small that the single tiny fan must spin much faster to cool the GPU properly, meaning most blower style cards are susceptible to higher temperatures and noise levels compared to their competition. Blower coolers are generally most useful in mini-ITX cases and/or multi-GPU setups, where there is not enough case airflow available to sustain an open-air cooler design.

The logic behind open-air cards is also simple, a cooler with a single, double, or triple fan that blows cold air from the outside onto a heatsink – either directly or indirectly cooling the GPU. The radiator usually consists of fins that have heatpipes running through them. Blower-style cards use smaller heatsinks, which is one of the reasons why their cooling capacity is much smaller.