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  1. DripToOp

    Question My PC shuts down itself forcefully on load

    Hello. I recently switched my Rx580 8gb to a evga gtx 980ti sc because the old one had artificial glitches. I know that my current gpu takes alot of power, but I have a nzxt c650 80 plus gold psu. Well the problem is under high load the pc shutsdown itself forcefully and only the rgb stays on...
  2. K

    Question System crashes when gaming

    I can use my PC normally, but I can't play games. When I open the game, the pc crash after a few seconds or few minutes. Same thing happens when doing a gpu stress test. In the first time when this happened, it was shown on the screen as power save mod . cpu- i3-10105F gpu- gtx970 psu-400LF...
  3. Zarif._.

    Question How do i fix my GPU from suddenly using high power usage?

    Im using oculus link with quest 2. Whenever i play a game on my laptop it runs smoothly (GPU usage near 40-60), but after a min or two it starts lagging hard and in task manager it shows the GPU usage near 80 or more. I tried to restart my pc and headset multiple times, i tried setting the...
  4. M

    Question GPU upgrade for ryzen 3 3200g APU system

    Please let me know if you know any good gpu pairs with the cpu. Im currently looking into either Radeon RX 6500 XT or a nvdia 1660 or a 3050/3060 even if it bottlenecks it a bit and its fine then i dont have a problem cause i could in the future upgrade the cpu:vendredi: HARDWARE: MOBO:ASrock...
  5. A

    Question Gpu wont give a display

    I need help as I got a gpu it is Inno3D GTX 1070ti 8gb looks like brand new. I turned it on and it booted normally and then I updated the graphic drivers. I even played metro exodus on extreme and it gave me 95 fps + and then i turned the game off and was about to launch MSI after burner but idk...
  6. GamingBoy2022

    Question How much ram can i have on my Dell Optiplex 390 DT

    Hello, i have a Dell Optiplex 390 DT with the following: cpu: Intel Core i5-2400 motherboard: DELL 0M5DCD chipset: Intel H61 (Cougar Point) ram: DDR3 SDRAM 1333Mhz 1x4 GB what would be the max possible ram and max ram speed since i can't find it online many say its 8gb ram and some say...
  7. ciro_881

    [SOLVED] No fan tab on Msi Afterburner [FIXED]

    After updating my drivers I can't find the fan tab on Msi Afterburner. I've already tried uninstalling Msi Afterburner, uninstalling the gpu driver and installing them back and installing Msi Afterburner again. What do I do now? It's getting pretty hot where I live and I need a more aggressive...
  8. C

    Question 10 degrees hotter than identical card

    I have 3 rtx 3090 asus strix all of them are new, and in a octominer x8 ultra plus. 1 of them I got from eBay, 2 from Newegg. For some reason the memory temp on the two cards from Newegg are running 100 degrees Celsius and the 1 card from eBay is running 90 Celsius. All the cards have the same...
  9. W

    [SOLVED] GPU upgrade with current PC help

    Hi Tom's Hardware, I enjoy reading posts here and thought I'd post one of my own. I have a older PC that if possible, I'd like to upgrade the graphics card to whatever is best "bang for buck" that could give me a nice upgrade and that I could still potentially use when I decide to upgrade my...
  10. Nadeezhw95

    [SOLVED] Is GTX 550 Ti or GTX 560 1Gb card enough for I5 12400F?

    My country is in a massive economic crisis and all shops are hiding stock of everything and the prices twice higher than usual because of (usd)$ shortage. Before al this i already perchance i5 12400F with Gigabyte B660M gaming ddr4 motherboard and corsir vangance lpx 3200mhz cl16 8gb ram...
  11. K

    [SOLVED] GPU Sparked/PCB Damage

    Hello, Recently my 2080ti sparked upon start up...long story short only the GPU was damaged. I took of the cooler/backplate and there is some exposed copper/swelling on the PCB. Is there a way to repair this or potential solutions? Thanks in advance. Pics Below 2080 TI damage
  12. EinarNep

    Question My psu gets "fried" when inserting after inserting my 3060 ti ?

    It happend after i bought a new cpu cooler. My system worked fine before that. I went from a stock amd cooler to a Noctua NH-D15. My computer turned on, and all of the components seemed to run until i put my gpu in. After i put my in gpu, the psu stopped working, and started to make a faint...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] PC restarts during GPU stress test ?

    Hey guys ! So my specs are: Motherboard: Asus, Asus PRIME B550M-A (WI-FI) CPU: AMD AM4 Ryzen 7 3700X Wraith Prism Ram: Patriot DIMM 64 GB DDR4-3600 Kit GPU: Inno3D, INNO3D GeForce RTX 3070 iChill X3 8GB GDDR6 256-bit 3xDP+HDMI PSU: Master Cooler V750 3 x air cooler be quiet! So my...
  14. T

    Question Help GPU not working

    Was changing out my extension cables because I didn’t like the ones I had in the case, after turning the pc on I realized the 8 pin to the gpu wasn’t plugged in all the way. Plugged it all the way in while pc was on and it doesnt turn on. Black screen. Gpu fans not running. Everything else...
  15. Mateja14

    [SOLVED] Gpu clock speed

    Hello, I have an Amd graphics card which is clocked to 1430Mhz. In some games it stays on the min clock speed: 300Mhz, but in the same game in main menu it is literally the max clock speed. I am not sure what to do, I have seen some forums but they are all for nvidia graphics cards and requires...
  16. Dhia

    Question My Rx 570 expedition 4G show now picture

    Hey guys i have opend the case of the rx570 and then the cooler i habe changed the thermal paste but i realized that someone else put not thermal paste on it ,it was something silver-based. I clean the most of it and then have i put normal thermal paste on it. I installed the cooler back and...
  17. Donald_Lyn

    [SOLVED] Low GPU usage ?

    I have a: Nvidia Rtx 3070 Ryzen 7 3700x 16 gb of ram Gigabyte Ds3h Wifi Motherboard An I only get 90-110 fps on warzone. I check my usage and 90% of the time my gpu usage is around the 40-60% range. I know this is a sign of a cpu bottleneck but can someone confirm because I've seen people with...
  18. Josiah rain drop

    Question My gpu is messing up.

    Okay, so for a while now my pc was running into problems. I recently bought a new psu, cmos battery, motherboard (msi b550), cpu (ADM ryzen 5 5600x) and new ram. This was for a no signal problem, the new problem is now I get blue random pixel glitches all over my screen I’ve tried getting new...
  19. O

    [SOLVED] Help --- AMD GPU display issue ?

    So, I recently bought a PC from my cousin who had been using it for quite a while, it has a R9 295X2 in it which had been working fine for the past 1 month since I purchased it from him, but one day when I came across 2 BSODs and the next day the PC would boot up to the windows loop and then the...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] Upgrade?

    Hey should i uprage my cpu or gpu first currenty i have a i5-6400 cpu and GTX 960 i gonna buy 1660 super soon! and i need buy new psu too Can i5-6400 run with 1660 super gpu`? ..
  21. R

    Question Thermal pad thickness for GTX 1060 3GB WINDFORCE GIGABYTE ??

    Does anybody know the thermal pad thickness for a Gigabyte GTX 1060 3gb windforce? I've been searching all around the internet but there are no specifications of thermal pads for my exact gpu model. I cannot measure it because it was gifted to me without thermal paste and thermal pads and I...
  22. YorkDeux

    Question No Display/Post Screen

    I recently had an issue of compatibility with CPU and MOBO that I resolved. When I boot up my PC I have no display. What can be the issue? I tried with and without my GPU. I plugged in audio cable and got no beeps unless in stupid and it is in wrong port. Specs: PSU: RM 850x CPU: Ryzen 7 3800x...
  23. KingSlayer69

    [SOLVED] Help with possible dying monitor

    Hey,around a month ago I started noticing weird flickering and random freezing/screen bleeding basically everywhere(games,videos,even basic pc/web surfing)-attached a video and I'll explain why it was filmed with my phone.My gpu is a rx590 fatboy and the monitor is some samsung(idk the exact...
  24. XxKillerxX

    Question Suddenly my windows pc(actually laptop) gave me error Driver Power Failure and from thereafter my dedicated gpu not working

    When I saw in device manager I found that my gpu was not even showing in device manager actually I tell you what that I had a exactly freaking same problem with my older laptop of the same brand then I thought that it had became too old that's why it's happening and now I am overwhelmed and do...
  25. pazarac01

    [SOLVED] Are this normal temps for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480???

    Hello guys. I recently bought used but in very good condition Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 4GB GPU. Thing is that Im satisfied with the card and its perfomance, but at the same time Im worried about my temps. the card on idle is staying at around 47-49 degrees with fans not spinning, while on...
  26. oraopapao

    Question Rx 580 nitro+ 4gb weird fan noise and fan not spinning when it is supposed to

    Hello i have built a pc recently and i notice that on my rx 580 one of the fans is not working and when it tries to spin its making weird noises. I saw a video in which someone cleanes the fans insides and puts grease. I wanted to try it but first im asking for your opinion. Please help!
  27. homiesapien

    Question Will a rx 560-580 work with a pcie 4.0

    I am building a new computer and until I can get my hands on a 30 series I was thinking of getting a cheap gpu but I need to know if a rx 560-580 will work in a pcie 4.0 slot.
  28. Nyphrodel

    [SOLVED] GTX 1080 GPU Upgrade

    I'm considering upgrading my gpu and I would like some advice on where I should go from here...? My specs: Alienware Aurora R7 Intel Core i7 8700 Windows 10 Home 64bit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5X 128GB M.2 SATA SSD 2TB 7200RPM SATA HDD 460W APFC PSU Air Cooled Chassis Tray load DVD...
  29. Trilliam7

    [SOLVED] What is a good GPU upgrade based on my specs at the moment?

    Hi everyone! I been wanting to upgrade my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB for a while now. Any suggestions based on my specs below? (Ideally for gaming and school use) CPU: Intel Core i7 7700K @ 4.20GHz CPU Cooler: be quiet! BK009 Pure Rock RAM: 32 GB Rip Jaws 3200 MHz Motherboard: MSI...
  30. D

    [SOLVED] Cables Problem

    i have gt 1030 and moniteur with vga output , gt 1030 Not supported VGA Port what should I do?
  31. K

    [SOLVED] Should I uninstall my old graphics card drivers?

    Hey, so I’m upgrading my gpu from a gtx 660 to a gtx 1660 super, everything works out, just to make sure installation will go smoothly, I just wanted to know if I have to uninstall the old drivers before I install the new gpu (I don’t really want to if possible). I’m going from nvidia to nvidia...
  32. The_Nayak

    Question PC will not recognise the GPU when switching on after it has been shut down/ Power cut.

    In January I built my first pc. It worked fine for a few days until one day I realised that it has a peculiar problem. My PC will not recognise the GPU when switching on after it has been shut down/ Power cut. First here are the specs: Amd Athlon 200ge Msi a320m pro-vd/s Corsair vengeance lpx...
  33. B

    Question Every time I remove my graphics card I have to trouble shoot

    So, basically what I’m dealing with is this. Every time I remove my gpu from my pc ( usually by turning off the psu , then removing the wall power and so on) when I put it back in (Yes the exact same gpu I removed) I end up having to troubleshoot my pc because it’s either not turning on at all...
  34. AlecS2k@

    [SOLVED] New GPU Problem

    Hi all! I bought a new video card, a Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super OC(I changed the old video card because it started to show artifacts.). The problem is that after mounting it on the motherboard, the monitor displays the message "No signal", and the motherboard speaker makes 1 beep, 3 short beeps, 2...
  35. W

    Question Problems with GPU or PSU...pls help

    My GPU is working properly when I'm gaming but when using chrome or editing in PS even when not using PC at all, screen just goes black. GPU im using is Radeon R7 260x 2gb Gigabyte r2.0 PSU is MS-500 (500w) no 80+ certificate. One more thing to say is when I'm gaming temps are going to 90...
  36. [SOLVED] Gpu core clock and memory clock stuck

    Hello everyone, i have a problem for like 2 months, and that is that my gpu is stuck at 135 mHz GPU block and 324 Memory Clock.. I tried almost everything..full reistall windows, cleaning all my drivers, updating drivers..i dont know what to do anymore. In gpu-z it always says Pwr..even when im...
  37. Leblancc


    Hello,i recently bought Asus Rx 470 (used) for my pc but when i plug it and connect it,it shows no Display..everything is ON and fans moving but screen is black...any solution? Thanks in advanced.. specs; Asus H61M-E 4GB DDR3 x2 i5-3470 asus RX470 4GB (6pins) Corsair VS450 .My old GC(gtx650)...
  38. ezioadf2

    Question my motherboard can't detect my gpu

    hi i have Acer motherboard Q77h2-ad Ram 2x4 samsung 1333 bus HDD western 750 GB power 480 w Core i5 3570 my mother can detect older cards like gt 210 but with gtx 1060 msi gamin x 3GB hanging on bios logo(that logo after your pc turn on) i have just a short beep for first and its Repeats per 30...
  39. AverageGamer24

    [SOLVED] Problems with my XFX Radeon RX 570

    Hello everyone, This is my first post in this forum... I am here because I have problems with my RX 570... So I recently bought a Refurbished XFX Radeon RX 570 4 GB and I am having a lot of problems with it... I will describe it... So My PC specs are: -i5 4590, 8 GB RAM Dual channel, Radeon RX...
  40. H

    [SOLVED] Need Help Identifying This GPU Quickly!

    Guys I just got this GPU from a friend and he has no clue which GPU this is. If anyone can help me out by identifying this GPU it would mean alot . P.S If possible, leave a link to download drivers for this specific card. Graphics Card Images...