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  1. Da_Yvez

    Question What IS The Best Graphic Card For Ryzen 3 3200g CPU...

    Guys What Is The Best GPU For Ryzen 3 3200g CPU :D Need To Be Less Bottlneck
  2. S

    Build Advice Is this coolio?

    I'm think I'll be putting this together but would need some guidance: Ryzen 3700x ASrock Taichi x470 (IOS gets flashed by the shop) 16GB G.Skill 3600Hz CL 16 (or would be CL18 good enough?) -Phantekse Eclipse P300 -Be Silent 600W GOLD, costumizable -500GB SSD (should I go for a samsung or is...
  3. I

    Question PCI-E Cable Doesn't Fit GPU

    I've been gaming with my 2400g inegrated graphics for a few months, I recently bought the https://pcpartpicker.com/product/xH448d/msi-radeon-rx-580-8gb-armor-mk2-oc-video-card-rx-580-armor-mk2-8g-oc and when I go to put my pci-e cable into it, it just outright wont fit. I tried for about half...
  4. P

    Question I have a very hot 1070 Turbo - Asus

    My 1070 Turbo I going up to 82 Celsius playing heavy games, i should have prober case air flow with 6 fans. I have 3 in the front facing to the side and 3 in the top. 3 in 3 out. In the Lian li pc 011 dynamic Any suggestions to how it can get cooled down? or do I need to buy a new GPU?
  5. Ulriik

    Question Im looking to upgrade my GPU

    Im wondering if my pc will be good enough for a MSI Gtx 1660Ti 6gb. I have 8Gb of ram An Intel I5-4460 My pc is a Predator G3 605 My psu is 484W i think Tell me if you need more info on my PC btw. Hope you can help me, thanks :)
  6. G

    Question Will this work?

    I'm planning to upgrade an Acer Veriton m4620g with a g645 by installing a rx 470 and a i5 3570. The questions are: Is the stock 300w power supply ENOUGH? Does it's power supply have a 8 pin connector, if not, what adapter should I buy?