Question New build GPU and monitor advice

Jul 30, 2023
I took the plunge and built my first pc after years of shopping deals on prebuilts for gaming. I finished it in May but have had trouble deciding on a GPU to get for it. I have been using my old 1660 ti in it while I have shopped. The 1660ti does a decent job of playing most titles that I play. Currently mostly playing Diablo 4 and Destiny 2, with plans to check out Starfield. Diablo 4 seems to be the only game that really has any kind of stuttering with that card at all. I took a chance on an Asrock 7900 XT Phantom. It was running pretty good for a few weeks but suddenly felt like a space heater in my office. I was advised to run a Furmark test on it and about 12 minutes in it shutoff and send out smoke and was dead. Thankfully it doesn't seem to have messed up any other components. I since decided to go budget to see how that performed and purchased a PNY 4060 8gb card. It is running Diablo around 120fps on high settings on a 27" Dell Omen monitor with 165hz that I am testing out.

My current build stats are here: (listing my current monitor as I haven't decided on which one to upgrade to yet)

Asus Prime Z690-P
Kingston Fury Beast 64GB DDR5
Samsung 1TB 980 PRO
SeaSonic Focus 850W 80 Plus Gold
1660 ti
Acer K2 Series K272HUL 27" WQHD 2560 x 1440 2K Resolution 1ms 75Hz

I have spun myself in circles for 6 months with researching gpus and monitors to go with my build. I use this website for hierarchy and reviews as well as countless other sites and video reviews. Everything seems to have so many pros and cons.

I have considered everything from a 6600 up to a 7900XTX. Currently considering the $699 Powercolor Hellound 7900XT deal at microcenter if this 4060 seems too lackluster. It seems to be working just fine although MSI afterburner shows it as using 99% of the gpu. Of course with rebar active that shouldn't be an issue right?

With the monitor I have also considered keeping my current 2018 Acer all the way up to the 34" Dell oled.

Anyway, just looking for some thoughts as it has been frustrating to not be able to "complete" these last two parts of the build.
If you can, go and see a prospective monitor in person.
Failing that, test many tv's and monitors:

Bust your budget if need be for a great monitor.
It will be with you for a long time.
I would look for larger/wider/4k if possible.
Your 12600K can drive a very strong future graphics card and your excellent 850w psu can handle most anything.

And... keep your old monitor as a side monitor for static stuff such as email pr performance monitors.
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