Question i have question about VORTEX VK 120 fans

Jul 21, 2021
i read in manual setup pwm header 3 pin i dont have it i have only sys fan and cpu fan and all 4 pin
this fans i need know what mean pwm header 3 pin
I searched about pwm header but i dont get it yet
i have only in motherboard sys fan 1 to 6
and cpu fan and pump fan
name motherboard b550 gaming plus amd msi
and when connect to sys fan 2 and open dragon center software about msi found sys fan 2 = 0
but my fans work in case
i need know attach 3 pin this fans in sys fan or cpu fan ?
or what mean about pwm header
the VK120 are pwm fans and come with 4pin connectors. no idea where you found 3 pin fan headers. doesn't say anything about that on the product page or the manual - apart from the RGB headers. but those are for RGB control and aren't fan headers.

the fan should be 4pin and connect to a 4pin header. whether you want to connect it to a cpu_fan or sys_fan header depends on whether you want to use the fan as a case fan or on a CPU heatsink...
3 pin i dont have it
those fan's LED connection uses a 3pin aRGB cable that will be connected to a motherboard aRGB header.

the fan's motor control uses a 4pin PWM cable that will be connected to a motherboard fan header.
sys fan or cpu fan ?
any CPU cooler's fan should be connected to the CPU_FAN.
any chassis fans should be connected to SYS_FAN, CHA_FAN, etc.


Yes, it can be confusing. Each fan has TWO cables. ONE of them ends in a female (with holes) 4-pin connector for the FAN MOTOR, and that goes to one of the SYS_FAN headers. ALL of those fan headers on your mobo have 4 pins. The other cable is wider and ends in another female connector that looks like it has space for four holes, but one is blocked off. That one is for the LIGHTS in the fan frame, and it must go to a 3-pin ARGB header on the mobo. MSI calls these JRAINBOW headers - see the mobo manual, p. 4 - and you have two of those. IF you have more than two ARGB lighting units, post back here for advice on ARGB Splitters.

I'll just call your attention to a detail. The fans you have use the new 4-pin PWM design, so they will plug into your SYS_FAN headers easily. BUT according to the manual, by default those headers all are pre-set to be used with the older design of 3-pin fans that require what they call DC Mode. So in BIOS Setup you should go to each of the SYS_FAN headers you use - see your manual, p. 36 - and change that setting. In the little graph in the middle of the page, note the upper left corner of the screen. For each fan header, change that to PWM. When you have them set, use the "Esc" key to get to the main menu, then the F10 key to get to the Exit Menu. There you should select SAVE changes and RESET to save your settings and reboot.