Question I installed a ram but my pc won't start and display is stuck on "out of range" ?

Jan 14, 2022
so I originally have MSI a320m mob with DDR4 4GB RAM (2666mhz) and decided to switch to DDR4 8GB RAM (2666mhz) and I only have 1 stick. When I replaced 4gb ram to 8gb my pc won't turn on and it's stuck on "out of range" on the screen. I already tried several things like clean the slots and also the ram and properly placed them, but still not working.

So I decided to just bring the old ram back but then it has the same issue, the pc won't turn on. Any suggestions or tests I can do?


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

This motherboard?

[Do verify that I found the correct User Guide.]

From Important on Page 9.

∙ Please note that the maximum capacity of addressable memory is 4GB or less for 32-bit Windows OS due to the memory address limitation. Therefore, we recommended that you to install 64-bit Windows OS if you want to install more than 4GB memory on the motherboard. "

Clear CMOS and determine if the original 4 GB RAM will work again.
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