i need help entering bios in optiplex 380

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Jun 5, 2018
guys i tested so many key combination to enter bios but i only get this weird looking bios setting idk why im getting this !!
shouldn't i have smthn diffrent i mean a blue screen with bunch of setting options ?
btw in this bios i can use mouse too!

i want to overclock my cpu Q8400 to 3.0Ghz
my PSU : 150w [i know it's weak] 3Ghz isn't that much i guess ?
if anyone have the answer to help i will really appreciate it :) thanks ♥

thats how my bios look like, and there's my mobo and cpu
There are no overclock settings in the Opti 380 BIOS. SetFSB only gives about 50mhz increase(fsb 340).
The fastest 380s run X5460,X5470 Xeons. 3GHz can be done with a Q9650, or E5450 Xeon.
It can run 8GB DDR3 1333 low density RAM (@1066 speed). The best GPU is the Zotac GTX1050Ti Mini or GTX1050 Mini. None of the others fit.
Opti 380 builds are here. Mine is the 5th one.
LGA771 swap is here.
Yeah dell hardware is proprietary and so are their bios configurations. They generally don't want end users overlocking their hardware, running the risk of component damage. That would cause a high turnover rate regarding warranty repairs etc.
The above CPU has nothing to do with an LGA775 computer.

There is a simple 2 core overclock for 3.66Ghz if you want to do that one. It requires an E7500 CPU nad a piece of tape.
I'm going to show it to you on a Q6600 CPU which will go 3GHz with it. But won't perform any better than your Q8400.
You can see some Q6600 with this at the userbenchmark link I gave earlier. Any running around 34% are clocked 3GHz. Normal is about 28%.
If you just gotta do this ancient mod on a quad then be sure and get a SLACR Q6600 aka G0 stepping.
The 2nd photo is all you have to do.
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