Question I need help RGB modding a Sony Trinitron please!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 26, 2018
Hi everyone. I own a Sony Trinitron KV-20TS29. It's a 20" CRT in great condition. Only inputs are a single RF and the typical RCA for A/V. I would really like to RGB mod this TV, but I'm just a noob, I've soldered my guitar in the past, but never TVs. This link here will get you the service manual. View:

Now, I would like for the TV to have a SCART input at the back.

Please if you could guide me every step of the way I would greatly appreciate it. I want to game on my SNES and GENESIS via RGB so bad!!!!!!!!!!
What prevents you from following he guide you've posted?
Do you have any electronic skills? Can you read schematics?
And most important - do you have life insurance?

I doubt you'll find a guide oriented for someone who never touched a soldering iron. Your best bet is to contact OP on the original post.



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