[SOLVED] I need help with a PC build.

May 23, 2019
Hey guys, so someone asked me to build a home/work pc for them and I need some help with choosing the CPU and mobo.

Their budget is around $250 AUS.
Well, it's gonna be difficult for that money. I'm in Europe so I'm not familiar wit prices down under but some friends tell me it's awful expensive.
Some of cheapest are Ryzen 2200g processor. A320 chipset based microATX motherboards and at least 2x4GB memory up to 3000MHz DDR4, the ones without heat sink. Processor has a half decent graphics sou you don't need a dedicated GPU.
Mid sized cases are generally cheaper than smaller ones.
Than you need a PSU of about 450W, preferably some good make.
As for disk(s), SSD s have became quite cheap and are really cool thing to have because of speed. I'd suggest 240GB which should be enough forOS and pile of programs. Can ad another SSD or a HDD later on need be.
Monitor and other peripherals are going to ad to the cost, I doubt you could fit them too in that budget.
Do you have some favorite site you could buy parts from ?