Question I need recommendations for SFX PSU - low power

I'm building a new net appliance using Ryzen 4000 APU series and mITX board (A520 chipset). It will contain one intel NIC card, so power requirements will be low.

I'm looking for a quality 350W+ PSU SFX form factor so I can shove it inside a small ITX case. It seems reviews on SFX supplies are few and far between.

Anybody know anything about the FSP power supplies in this form factor?,aps,164&sr=8-18&th=1
FSP is generally pretty trusted, but I do not know much about that particular unit. I would assume its fine for a lower power build like yours.

It seems to have a rifle bearing fan, a-pfc, and a decent set of protections. 80+ bronze is nice too as you don't wanna chuck out any unneeded heat in an sff build.

Corsairs SF line is pricy but very good.