I screwed up, got a motherboard that supports 1600 mhz ram when I bought 2400 mhz ram


Dec 11, 2013

What will happen if I start the computer with my GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-D3H and the 2400 mhz rams I got, will it be smart enough to just use 1600 mhz of those rams and continue to work normally or will the computer tell me to go kill myself?

What a bummer, and I thought I was doing so well, enjoying my first pc build lol

Btw, is there a difference when it comes to games with 2400 and 1600 mhz rams? Is it really noticable?

ty guys.
You simply need to go into BIOS and select the XMP profile.

The difference you see will depend on the apps and games being used. CAD, video editing, large spreadsheets, CS6 all love faster RAM...... depending on the game, you won't see much difference in most games average fps.... typically ranges from 0 - 5%, averaging 2-3% . However it can be as much as 10 - 11% in games such as STALKER and F1

However it does have more of an impact on minimum frame rates, when ya have multiple cards (SLI/CF) and the difference is much bigger when looking at minimum frame rates. When new DDR3 first came out, it was much harder to justify as 2400 might be $100 more than 1600...... however today, it's more like $20. So if you can get an overall system improvement of 2-3% for an overall increase in system cost of 1.0 - 1.5%, I'm all in.



Jan 20, 2012
That mobo does support 2400 ram, you need to overclock the ram to achieve that speed (as is the case with many mobo's)
That said, if Gigabyte doesn't list THAT specific memory you have as specifically supported, no Guarantee.


More than anything else, it's the CPU that will determine what freq you can use - your mobo is rated well above 2400, but to run 2400 at 2400 will prob need a K model CPU and it make take a slight OC of the CPU and MC (memory controller) in the CPU. As far as gaming goes, 2400 generally will result in more FPS, but it really depends in part on the sticks themselves and what you are comparing them too...What set of 2400 do you have

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