Question I think my mobo is broken but I cant tell

Jan 3, 2020
So I just got a ryzen 3600x and put it together with the asrock b450 steel legend and put everything together and it only turns on for like 15 seconds then turns of for 2 seconds on repeat. I tried switching out my psu and even my cpu to a 2200g and it does the same thing every time. I made sure everything is reseated and it still does the same thing. I then set up a msi z370 mobo in the same way but instead with a i3 8350k just to see if I was setting it up wrong and it boots up perfectly. I know I didnt outline my exact method so please ask me anything you need to but, ive built pcs before and never ran into something like this. My only suspicion is maybe the board isnt ryzen 3000 series ready like it says it is on the box. Im literally going to lose my mind if i dont figure it out so any help is welcome, thanks...