I think my SSD , merged with my HDD


Aug 5, 2011
I can't really explain whats going on. Ok so I just finished my PC build and installed windows 7. Forgetting to change the sata mode(which i heard I should have changed to ACHI) windows installed in IDE mode on my 750gb HDD. IDK if this is bad or not but anyways, I have an OCZ 60gb SSD and windows isn't detecting it. It shows up in my bios has my main drive and my bios does not show my 750gb HDD I installed windows 7 on. When I right click on the my C drive in my computer it shows the OCZ SSD. Can someone please tell me what happened? Some info if needed. I'm using an MSI GD55(g3) mobo with a seagate 750gb SSD and an OCZ 60gb SSD(For games) My mobo shows my SSD connected to sata port 1 but I still installed windows on my HDD. I read about intel using SSDs for cache in conjunction with HDDs. Did my computer just do that....so confused ><