I want to attach three web cameras together

Wildlife Nest

Jan 3, 2013
Hello I am in the beginning planning stage of building a wildlife nest. What I need to do is connect three cameras together (my thought is webcams) and have them always recording in-side a self sustaining box. The footage captured needs to be safed to a portable storage device or removable HDD. Is this possible, if so what am I looking at needing to do.

I think this will be more of a software problem than hardware, which is what the systems forum more focus' on.

Is it necessary that the footage be recorded to a central location? Just I imagine it would be quite simple to to get three "nanny" cams and set them up. They would have a fairly long battery life and could record footage internally, then it would be fairly simple to retrieve it later on.

Otherwise I imagine something akin to a home security system would suffice. Most even have options to turn on/off at various times, upon sensing motion and such.
i would use a cheap laptop or netbook and put it into a waterproof case. they have wifi cams now for home use. just need the cams and software. then use some small solar pannels set up to recharge a car battery. run the laptop and cams from a large battery.