Question I want to know if my Power supply is dead or my motherboard


Mar 24, 2019
So, I've been playing League of legends for 8hrs yesterday. It's not the first time I've played a game for like 18 hours continuously recently and my computer didn't have any problems.
So yesterday it just shutdown, I turned it on again and it shutdown on logging screen and now it's not turning on. I had a problem with my power supply recently it was due to the fan and it didn't run so well and my psu overheated and shutdown but I changed it with the spare I had with the same watts, I'll provide my components at the end.
So, I've been doing some stuffs to fix it. First I thought something overheated I Cturned it on after 1 hour no luck. Next opened the case, and my mobo didn't have the green light. And I removed every wires and ram and installed it again. Still no luck. But, I have a thing which might help determining which is dead, When I turn on my ups, my headphones led which is connected to my usb in motherboard just flashes it always have, so the power is going to my motherboard but no green light and it won't turn on. So is it like the power supply is not giving enough power as it failed or is my mobo dead :(

My specs:
Gigabyte H110-M S2 rev1.0
2x 4GB crucial 2400 Ram
GTX 1650( Ik this is a serious bottleneck)
450W zebronics psu( Ik I should've bought corsair or better :(