Question i3-12100F + RX 6650 XT bottleneck?

Dec 18, 2021
Hi. Thinking about building this system:

-CPU: Intel Core i3-12100F
-MB: MSI H610-M-B
-Memory: Kingston Fury Renegade
8GBx2 3200MHz DDR4 CL16
-GPU: XFX RX 6650 XT Speedster QICK308 8GB GDDR6 128-Bit
-SSD: Samsung 980 500 GB M.2 NVMe
-Case: Aerocool Atomic ARGB Micro-ATX
-PSU: Corsair CX550F RGB 550W 80+ Bronze

Is this build good?



I'd try and pair an i5 to that build. If the 970 Evo Plus is cheaper that the 980, get that though if that's for your OS and app's, might want to opt for a smaller cheaper SSD while a larger faster M.2 SSD can be used for your game's library.
You should be fine but CPU-bound games might struggle. Currently I dont think any CPU-bound game stutters on the i3 if paired with a mid-range GPU like 6650 XT so you should be fine but an year down the line no one really knows. Better to get i5 12400F, you're not spending too much more. Probably go for a 970 Evo Plus instead of the 980 like @Lutfij suggested.