Question I5 9600K upgrade over ryzen 5 2600x worth it?


Apr 2, 2019
Specs: Ryzen 5 2600x
Mobo: B350 tomahawk
GPU: 1070 TI
Ram: 16 gb 3200 cl16
550W PSU

So, lately ive been struggling with this CPU. Ive been forced to OC because B350 motherboard doesnt support xrf2/precision boost overdrive of 2600x and it was giving me constanly 3.9 ghz and low performance.
Right now the max i can OC the 2600x is 4.1 ghz all cores (in games) and 4GHz if i want to make it stable at prime95 tests and such (1.39 volts, 1.1 soc, anything lower than that crashes my pc, probably i lost a bit at the cpu lottery) - Stock cooler
Also this mobo is not so good at temp management/ram overclock and so on, i like experimenting and pushing every component to its limit and i feel like mobo is holding me back a bit as well.

Is upgrading to 9600k and a good z390 mobo for OC worth it? (planning to OC this baby to 5.1-5.2 ghz with a beefy NH15 cooler
I play mostly games and usual PC activity, i dont do video editing and stuff like that, mostly when i play i dont keep other stuff open in the background as well.

Also, i plan to upgrade to a 240 hz monitor over my current 144, playing only FPS games (cs go, valorant, MW2, battlefield) and i was thinking a better framerate would help a bit

The upgrade(after i sell mobo and cpu) will cost me 400 euro(I5 9600K, good z390mobo and Noctua nh50 cooler)

Is it worth it? Should i expect some above average improvement? If i do this i dont plan to upgrade my pc in the next 2-3 years, so future proofing is not an issue here


Na wouldn't go a straight 6 core CPU, not at the expense of buying a new mobo. Maybe consider a 3600 instead.

This is what's happening with the 8600k ~ similar to 9600k. It's strong in IPC but sufferers because lack of threads.

3600 will help a lot but if want Intel, the next offerings will add Hyperthreading to all it's CPU's. Wouldn't go less than 6c/12t going forward, no matter the practical frequency.
Apr 27, 2020
The AMD stock coolers are beefy, but may struggle with heavy overclocking, maybe a better cooler and mobo for you current system would help. Plus then you can put a new higher end ryzen in if you still aren't happy with the performance.