Orbit Storm

Dec 24, 2014
I've seen a lot of threads regarding manual overclocking of the i7-8700K but few discussing the use of MSI's OC Genie. I'm not an overclock enthusiast and am not concerned with maxing my processor to its limit. My board isn't that great (MSI Z370-A Pro) and this is just a builder system from iBuyPower. It runs fantastic with just about everything but by default, the system runs around 3.7 GHz when the Turbo can do 4.8 GHz. So, my desire is to stay right around the turbo speeds just for the extra buff.

That said, rather than risk my system melting, I chose to use OC Genie. I know it's conservative but it does everything with the click of a button. My concern is, I've noticed some oddities that appear to be somewhat common with OC Genie.

  • OC Genie pushed the processor to roughly 4.4 GHz (shows in BIOS and CPUz) but the voltage remained just 1.2v, which was what it was set to for 3.7 GHz.
  • CPUz shows my core speeds fluctuating wildly from 800 to 4500.
  • HWInfo shows my CPU Package temperature ranging from 35 to 55 C while idle (with just Chrome and a few tabs open). This could be a byproduct of whatever fan speed settings OC Genie uses because when enabled, it disables the auto speeds for my CPU fan and pump fan (watercooling).

Are all of these things normal activity when using OC Genie?