[SOLVED] i7 9700k + 2080 ti and low fps

Aug 30, 2019
Hello there everyone. That's my first time posting here and i'm a bit frustrated with my performance of my recent made system (1 week).
Well my specs are:

i7 9700k (stock)
Asus Rog strix 2080 ti oc (stock)
Asus z390-e gaming
Seasonic 750w Gold psu
32 gb RAM trident CL14 3200 MHz
nzxt x52
case h500 cooler master mesh

Well i'm here very sad because I was hoping for way better perfomance of that system on games, because I have a 240 hz monitor and I barely get 240 fps in any game, not even CS GO in 1080p (getting 200 with luck but always on 150-200! Ive seen some benchmarks with guys with the same system as mine on youtube and doing 500-600 fps on CS GO at 1080p and even at 1440p!
I really don't know what to do I mean "I sold a kidney" to buy this system and not having atleast those fps that those guys with the same systems are having makes me very disapointed, I spent 2850 euros on this system, I think its a fair price to pay to have a good performance on games.. The temps are really fine the max of the CPU ever got is 40 degrees celsius and the GPU got to 60 degrees once. I just saw a pro player of CS GO streaming and even getting more fps then me while streaming on the same pc he is gaming.. something is wrong.. Please help me. Sorry for my bad english because Im not from a native english language country


I have 4 sticks of RAM 8gb each one they are the same ones, they came in pairs i bought 2 boxes each one with 2 sticks...
Then, that's 2 separate kits.
Different kits of ram, even of the same brand and specs, can still have compatibility issues, just that this combination has the highest compatibility rate.
Prime95 Blend Mode, AIDA64(limited time trial, sadly), and Memtest86 are good programs to test memory stability. Testing with any 2 of these 3 should be fine.

I did not understand that torrent thing sorry...
Bittorrent client programs that can allow you to download things illegally, and they aren't exactly security friendly.

You think a higher res monitor will increase my fps??
No, it won't, but at the same time, you won't look like you wasted $700 - $800 on a gpu.
2080Ti can't stretch it's muscle at 1080p. It spends much of it's time idling, because it's waiting on the cpu.

RX 5700XT or RTX 2070 Super is about all one needs for 1080p - 2080 Super might be okay, I've yet to hear about any performance issues with it at 1080p, but I don't have eyes and ears everywhere.
The same was true for the 1080Ti when it first launched, and it's up there with the 2080 Super, so...


Take those youtube videos with a grain of salt, because people LIE... and some of them stip down those systems to achieve those results in ways that don't benefit mainstream users.
Also, benchmarks do not reflect actual in-game performance - although, it's fine to use them as a reference.

No one, literally NO ONE, has a legit reason to be using a 2080Ti at anything lower than 1440p 120hz+.
What's happening in game is that Gpu Monster outpaces all available cpus at that resolution. If you check your gpu usage in game, you'll find most of the time it isn't doing a whole lot of work.
That's because it's stuck waiting on the cpu. It's finishing its tasks before the cpu can finish it's own and move on to the next set of frames.
What you've got here is a cpu and monitor bottleneck - but since there's no cpu available to keep pace at 1080p, I'll scratch off cpu.

I see your cpu and gpu temps are already good.
Motherboard drivers up to date? Gpu drivers?
2 or 4 sticks of ram? Packaged together?
No storage drives with less than 30% capacity remaining?
No dumb auto-install driver programs in that PC, like Driver Booster, or whatever?
No torrent utilities?
Windows power plan set to High Performance?
Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Power Management Mode set to either Adaptive or Prefer Max Performance?

If all of these are clear, and you're still not satisfied, then the fix is a higher resolution monitor.
Aug 30, 2019
First of all thanks for the reply to both of you, I installed the windows my self with a boot pen device, I installed windows 10 home x64
I know those videos sometimes they OC the computer untill they cant no more, but makes me feel kinda sad watchin it knowing that I have the exact same system and having 1/3 of his performance.
Yes i got to Asus website and updated motherboard drivers, the gpu driver installed with the geforce experience and it says that there is no more drivers available meaning that I have the latest one I guess. I have 4 sticks of RAM 8gb each one they are the same ones, they came in pairs i bought 2 boxes each one with 2 sticks. Storage are fine with good capacity. No I did not use those programs that install drivers. I did not understand that torrent thing sorry. Yes on control panel is set to high performance. This one was on default, I set to the prefer max performance but did not do a noticeble difference.. You think a higher res monitor will increase my fps??