[SOLVED] i9-10900k with 3080 ti

Oct 23, 2022
Hey there!
So I just found myself a little bit puzzled bu this.
I use a 3080ti with an i9-10900k, and everything works just fine. But for some reason I found myself looking whether this cpu bottlenecks my gpu and it says here that it bottlenecks it at whopping 50% https://pc-builds.com/bottleneck-calculator/result/0Ya197/3/graphic-card-intense-tasks/2560x1440/
With that being said I never experienced my processor's is never 100% loaded, rarely goes above 30% (10%-15%), while the gpu can be sitting at 100%. So is that bottleneck calculator is a bunch of bologna or what is happening here? Also when you google whats the best processor to use with 3080ti it says AMD Ryzen 9 5900x.
BUT when you go here https://www.cpuagent.com/cpu-compare/intel-core-i9-10900k-vs-amd-ryzen-9-5900x/bottleneck/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-ti?res=2&quality=ultra and compare the two processors in pare with 3080ti, there's literally no difference what so ever. So um... I'm confused lol.
Anybody got the same configuration maybe and can share their experience with the build?

My whole rig
32gb kingston hyper x fury
corsair 850w


Ignore that. It's complete garbage. If you look at the bottom of the page, you'll also find an advertisement for whatever upgrade that calculator says you need.

And Google is just as bad since those opinions are posts that are more than a day old.

It's really quite simple. There's nothing you need worry about. You aren't being bottlenecked in the slightest. Your cpu is just 'said' to be a bottleneck because it's in competition vs a 13900k, now. So of course you will not get the same fps, render times will be slower etc.

But only in comparison.

There's also other variables. Yes, the 5900x is a better match for a 3080ti than a 10900k. It's cheaper, less power hungry, uses a smaller cooling solution minimum. Got nothing to do with performance, Everything to do with overall value.

Oh, other limits? Since essentially a 12600k or 5600x is way better value for a 4k gaming rig than a 10900k or 5900x, since at 4k the cpu is less dependent, unless you are running heavy multi-player, in which case higher IPC always wins.

Did that calculator ask any of that? Do any of that? No. It just trys to make you feel inadequate and treats you like you are stupid, just so that it's paid sponsors get to sell you an upgrade you did not need.

Oh, and if you had a 5900x, it'd be saying that you were bottlenecked, and now need to purchase a 7900x or 13700k in order not to be so slow.

Microsoft used to have a bottleneck calculator built into Windows 7. You had to run it as part of the validation process. At the time, I had a i7-3770k and gtx970, so got a score of 7.9 out of possible 8.0. Windows told me I had a Blazing fast pc, there wasn't anything that the pc couldn't handle, everything would run at maximum performance. 2 days later, Intel released the i7-4770k and a couple other 4th gen cpus. Windows instantly changed my score to 5.9. Said I had an out-dated, super slow pc and the cpu would really struggle with even the simplest tasks. Microsoft recommended upgrading an i7-3770K to the i5-4460, as that was a far superior cpu to my ancient, sloth i7-3770K.

Don't fall for the BS.
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