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  1. sylex1

    Question Which card to get? 3080 or 3080 Ti

    Hi! So I have two option for the same price and I don't know which one to choose. I can buy an RTX 3080 Ti FE and an RTX 3080 Strix v2 for the same price. I will use it for at least one year and currently i'm on 1440p and I don't plan to change it anytime soon. I have a 11700K and 32 GB ram...
  2. corndog1836

    [SOLVED] seasonic ss-1250xm X series and 3080ti

    i have an (x series ss1250xm psu---NOT THE XM2) and want to power a 3080ti or 3090 GPU an overclock also. as you know the 3090/3080ti need 3 --- 8pin connectors to power the video card. My psu has 2 pcie outputs on the psu, with consist of a 16pin connector that terminates into 2 8pin(6+2)...
  3. Question 3080ti FE with EK waterblock - Help please

    Hi all, sorry to be that guy but I'm lost and run out of ideas to try. I am very lucky to have a 3080ti FE and I decided to watercool it using the EK Special Edition waterblock. Now, this is my first ever gpu block (silly I know but only just brave enough to try it as wanted that small EK block...
  4. P

    Question 5 short beeps after installing new GPU

    Hi guys, Currently, I just bought a new ASUS TUF RTX 3080ti, which is an upgrade from my 1070. However, after installing the new GPU, I got 5 short beeps without any booting screen. When I swapped back to my old 1070, the pc was just working fine. Can you guys help me out on this one? Thanks a...
  5. C

    Question RTX 3080ti & Antec Edge 750W

    Hi all, I’ve managed to get my hands on a 3080ti and decided on a 5800X. I was wondering if my PSU would be sufficient enough to run my new rig or whether it’s just worth buying a new one. I currently have an Antec Edge 750w 80+ Gold Rated PSU...
  6. Jah_Rasta

    Question 3080 Ti display issues ?

    Greetings friends! Some help will be greatly appreciated as I've exhausted my knowledge and cant think of a solution. Im not too tech savvy so apologies in advance, I've built this PC a few months ago and everything has been great. Here are the specs Intel Core i7 10700K MSI MPG Z490 Gaming...
  7. S

    Question No display after installing new graphics card

    I'm getting black screen after installing new 3080ti graphics card Please find my pc specifications below, Motherboard : Asus rog strix b360f gaming CPU : i5 8600k Ram : 20GB Hyperx 2133 Old GPU : MSI 1060 New GPU : Zotac 3080ti PSU : cooler master 850W I have tried updating bios and...
  8. Cravez

    Question Gigabyte 3080 Ti not recognised on computer ?

    Hey all Need some help. Bought a Gigabyte 3080 TI GPU. Installed it but it's not being recognised by the computer and has "no signal" when booting the computer. Now I was using two Dual PCIe 2x8 Pin (6+2) cables (something like this) and connecting both to the PSU to the GPU. So I was using two...
  9. O

    Question i9- 9900k @5ghz + 3080ti + 32GB 3200mhz ram. - Low FPS Warzone.

    I average around 120-130fps where ive seen people get 170-200fps on Warzone. Any advice? Getting the same FPS as my 2080ti i had.
  10. Turtle Rig

    Discussion The Ampere 3080Ti is not worth it and is a rip off for some gamers

    So 21 days 21 years since my Riva TNT card coming from a Voodoo1 2D/3D Hercules card. The folks at nVidia have specifically said the performance advantage of the 3080Ti over the 2080Ti is 30 percent. Which means if your playing at 4K resolution and your getting a steady 60FPS with the 2080Ti...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade. Will my build support 3080Ti when its released?

    After some research I found that my build will support the AMD Ryzen 4000 series when it comes out given the 4k series will be supported on the AM4 sockets. The question I have is - is this build tanky enough to support 3080Ti when it comes out later this year? So in effect - can the build...