Question My Gigabyte Aorus Z390 makes 5 beeps and no video, then video comes on after several seconds ?


Dec 15, 2015
When I boot my PC up, it will usually beep 5 times and then after a while of no display, it will start booting Windows and boot right up.

My specs:
i9 9900k
Gigabyte 3080ti
Aorus z390 Master - BIOS f11n
SSD/3200mhz ram
1000 watt PS

It's always happened on this motherboard since I originally bought it (but only rarely in the beginning). Doesn't matter what video card is in it. It used to only happen sometimes, but over the last year, it happens all the time now.
I turn the PC on and see nothing. Then 5 beeps.

Eventually the video will come on and the computer boots normally. Sometimes it can take 20 seconds. Sometimes it can take 5 seconds.

I heard disabling fast boot or CSM in the bios would fix it, but it has no effect at all.

Sometimes if I turn the monitor on first (and then turn the PC on), it doesn't happen. But sometimes it still happens.

BIOS code is just A0, which means everything is fine.

It's just annoyed me for so long, and it's starting to happen everyday and now it's really annoying me.

The computer works perfectly fine otherwise.