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  1. CalMorrison

    Question Poor PC Performance (FPS) with high end build

    Hey everyone, recently I built a high end PC and have been experiencing poor performance in games. A good example is in GTAV where I get around 80 fps at 1440p and during the graphics benchmark even dip below 40fps. Compared to others with the same specs, I should be getting upwards of double or...
  2. NoldyBee

    Question OC noob, overkill rig, can’t POST with XMP

    I’ve been wanting an upgrade for years and finally I could justify it. I built my dream machine: Asus Z490-E Strix i9-10900k 64gb G.Skill 3600 18Q (16x4) ROG Thor 1200w PSU ROG Ryujin AIO EVGA GTX 1080 (to be upgrade this Fall) Now I know a lot of it is way overkill, but the goal here was “I...