i9 9900k Build - BSOD

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Mar 11, 2019
Hello all.

I built a PC around 5 weeks ago
-Noctua Nh-D15 cooler for processor
-Gigabyte Aorus Master
-HyperX Predator RGB 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2933 (PC4 23400)
-EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC GAMING, 08G-P4-2182-KR, 8GB GDDR6
-2x SAMSUNG 860 EVO Series 2.5" 500GB SATA III (one for primary drive, one for game drive)
-2x Western Digital Gold Hard drives (for file storage)
-Seasonic PRIME Ultra 1000W 80+ Titanium Power Supply

I do not overclock, but I did use the XMP profile for the memory (this is why I chose that memory)

The PC has been running smoothy, FAST and flawless.

On this past saturday playing battlefield V (after a month of playing it without issues) I received a BSOD..and then another, and another and another and another

IQRL Not Less or Equal
Page Fault in a non paged area
System Service Exception
Bad Object Handler
Reference by Pointer
Critical Process something or another (wrote these on a napkin when they happened)
Driver PNP Watchdog.

So I have been trying to figure out what is wrong. Here is what I have done so far.

Reinstalled windows 10 from disc. Still get BSOD
Pulled Graphics Card out of machine. Still get BSOD
Pulled all memory. Tested each stick with Memtest 86 (no errors). Still get BSOD
Put all memory in. Tested all with Memtest 86 for 25 hours (8 passes) no errors. Still get BSOD
Swapped SSD's. Reinstalled Windows 10. Still get BSOD

The computer in its current form is just the case/fans, power supply, 2 SSD's, mother board, processor, and memory with a fresh install of windows 10. I still get BSOD

I get BSOD when booting into safe mode, or in safe mode.

I have not swapped power supply, motherboard or processor. I dont have a motherboard to test the processor with (being that its so new) and I am using the PC I am typing this message on to do work (the new machine was built for graphic design/games). So I cant pull the power supply out to test it on the new machine until the weekend.

This is my 5th PC to build and the only one I ever had issues with (outside of failed Nvidia graphics cards in the past).

Here is the minidmp
NOTE: This is the minidmp after the 2nd windows install (fresh). I do not have the dmp from the old install where I got all the errors.

I am at a loss at this point. I don't know if something is bad, went bad, or what.

I have been monitoring the processor with speccy since day one (due to the amount of people saying how hot it ran), but I never saw the processor hit above 60c. It usually hovers around 28c to 35c.

Any and all help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Here is a pic of the memory test I ran.
So this Reply is different because I am not writing helpful response but an issue that acured to me on like 3rd day.
I just upgrading from an I-7 7700k to an I-9 9900k paired with Z390 Meg Ace motherboard I flashed the Bios to the most recent update.
It also has RTX Asus Strix 2080 8GB that uses Samsung memory I had to wait half year to buy the new RTX cards old ones had bad memory overheating from what I heard. So everything runned flawlessly, I got my Rips Jaws 16GB of ram in duel channel to 3000mhz at its rated speed. The I 9 9900k over clocked to 5ghz on cpu ratio 50 and the ring ratio is at 47, temperatures well under 50 c. I gamed Fortnite, Apex everything ran fine including Anthem. Yesternight I launched Anthem and it went to a blue screen where it gathered its information but never properly turned off. I waited a good half and over before I manually powered it off and came back to boot it hour later. I was working on my I 7 7700k system because I will be selling it. To a point I went all Basic bios no over clock, trying to boot into my system and I kept getting same error message. BSOD Stop Code: WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR, that's on Windows 10 pro. I reseated The Graphics, removed ram and put back in. I even went and plugged in a Different GPU, same problem I cant boot into my system, only able to get into my Bios and nothing passed that. I tried fresh windows install on a brand new NVME 970 that I picked up from a store and I cant even get to a Windows install it will spin on the loader 3 to 4 times and BSOD. Any help boys, because in Bios everything looks good the I 9 9900k is like stock 3.6ghz is under 1.0 v . My last idia is because I delided my I 9 9900k and the New IHS could maybe half poor contact but everything looked good before I ran CIneBench got score of 2163 I streamed and gamed on it before for 5 hours no hick ups. When running it back I plugged it in into single monitor from duel set up. One is a G-Sync Display port 144hz and other is a TV 60hz HDMI
Apr 9, 2019
i am having same problem that the OP is having. i have tried 2 motherboards the msi z390 godlike and the asus z390 extreme, also i used 2 set of cosair ram. both 16 gb kits one was dominator platinum and the other was vengeance rgb.
i am in the process of rma the cpu.
Apr 12, 2019
Had the same issue at my lab, a customer came with the same problem, BSOD that started and became more frequent, now nothing loads, even on Safe Mode.
I replaced everything and found that the CPU was faulty, now in RMA with Intel.
i9-9900K on an Asrock z390 Pro4 motherboard, D15 and 4X8 3000 corsair ram.
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Jan 21, 2019

I replaced the mobo 2x
I replaced the memory 3 times
I replaced the SSD's 3 times
I did every thing every person in this thread suggested including booting from an MS USB instead of the disk I purchased
I still got BSOD even in safe mode.

I gave up back in January and went back to my old PC (the one I am on now)

I tried this past sunday to get the new PC working again. Reinstalled the OS from USB, updated drivers, etc etc. PC worked until today. I was playing a game, got a crash and then BSOD spam. I took I think around 30 pictures of the BSOD's with my phone. I get every single error code MS has.

The issue must be the processor. I have never seen a PC be this fragile in my life. Sneezing on it causes BSOD's.

I am going to try to RMA the processor once I send this reply.

Wolf99. Did you have any luck with a new proc after your RMA?
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