Question ID-Cooling FrostFlow 120 VGA on Galax GeForce GTX 1060 OC


May 22, 2015
Good day!

I think I am struggling with GPU AIO Cooler. Here is my current fan configuration on CoolerMaster Q300L:

Front Intake (CPU):
240mm Radiator + 2 x 120mm ID-Cooling Fans

Top Exhaust:
2 x 120mm ID-Cooling Fans

Rear Exhaust (GPU):
120mm Radiator + 1 x 120mm ID-Cooling Fan

Should I go for Push / Pull Configuration for my Front Intake and Rear Exhaust? It seems that my GPU is getting hotter because of the warm air it gets from the front intake - 240mm Radiator (CPU). Or I should make my rear be an intake too?
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The problem lies in the case's design. Most of the negative reviews have one thing in common.
Here's one:

The most truthful review you'll ever read about the Masteroven Lite 3.1 TG, Don't buy this case.
6/19/2019 1:28:12 PM

  • Decently easy to build in
  • Plenty of hardware (Screws)
  • Looks okay
  • Not that much else to really say about this case
  • ABSOLUTE OVEN & BAD AIR FLOW, I'd probably only trust an APU system in this. Nothing with a external GPU. It get's so hot that the glass on the outside could probably cook an egg. Even with three fans in the system at full speed it will not help.
  • Be careful when removing the TG side panel, nothing holds it up once you remove that last side panel screw
  • All the front panel buttons feel really cheap. I have two of the tempered glass versions and one acrylic version and on all three of them at least ONE usb port has broken and the power button feels like it will snap off every time you press it.
  • All the corners are sharp so be careful when handling the case
  • 3.5" drive cage placement sucks which can interfere with PSU and cable management
Overall Review:
I truly wanted this to be the case I'd use for my PC cafe (20+ computers) but dang it just's absolutely horrible when it comes to cooling and air flow even after adding two additional fans. I think it's a decent looking case but no use when it's an OVEN. I give it a one egg review, I just can't recommend this case to anyone specially for the price you pay ($40+). I wish Cooler Master could take the cases back and give me something better. Sucks you can't return once it's opened. Stay away from the current Micro ATX cases from cooler master, they are all poor when it comes to air flow.

Here's a more technical review of it's larger sibling, the Q500L:

TL;DR: A push-pull config won't help much if there's a lack of air coming in from the front.
I suppose you could do rear intake; you'd just have to clean it more often if you don't put some kind of filter over it.


May 22, 2015
I did the Push/Pull Configuration for my GPU AIO Cooler, and an hour of playing PUBG / CS:GO, my GPU temp. is around 52C, while my CPU around 54C.