Question Im buying a monitor and have several questions!

Oct 22, 2020
Im wondering should i spend 20 more dollars for 1ms response time instead of 4 or 5 ms?
And is VRB 1ms different from normal 1 ms?
And the last one how much worse is VA than IPS?
These are my options: Acer QG241Y or Acer KA242Y KA2, the ka2 isnt available at the moment so i will have to wait for that one.
for the first question, if it's just 20 dollars, I guess maybe? but actually, 1ms is a bunch of baloney.
No monitor gets that unless you crank the overdrive so hard you get artifacts that look much worse than slower response times.

VA is not worse than IPS, it's different.

It has meh viewing angles compared to IPS, but actually not bad compared to TN
It's usually okay in pixel response times, better than IPS but worse than TN
It has pretty good colors, but not as good as IPS (you get the point)

It's somewhere in between IPS and TN in most ways, and in my opinion better than either for most people.