I'm completly locked out.


Nov 18, 2013
had vista home, a company I hired to protect my computer and fix it when probems accor, My big mistake, they put windows 8 on my computer, I tryed all I can, it always ask for administrators password. but the old password and new don't work. Im using my grand daughters account to get on line, that was the reason for the password, to keep her off of youtube and facebook. shame on me for paying someone from India to keep me safe. I beleive they are bootlagers, I informed microsoft and they don't seem to care and said they can fix it for 189.00. no way, I need experence help. free.


At this point, I'd suggest a full reinstall. Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Your current install of (whatever) is very likely compromised, via the guys from India that you paid to 'fix things'.
There is no way of knowing what they've installed on there alongside the "Windows 8". Microsoft doesn't care, because you did not buy it from them.

1. Do not do anything else on this PC that is personally sensitive. Bank accounts, etc.
2. Obtain a new Windows 7 or 8. Amazon, Newegg or similar. Yes....you'll have to pay for it. But from what I see, you have no other recourse.
3. Find a trusted, competent friend that can be 'hands on' and guide you through the data saving and reinstall process. If you feel confident in doing it yourself, we here can guide you. But it is a pain in the a**.

I've seen this before, and pretty much the best solution is to nuke the PC, and start fresh.



Can't you just open command prompt with startup repair like in Win7 and attempt to use the "netuser" command to change passwords?