In dire need of help


Nov 25, 2012
I always liked this site for troubleshooting, never thought I'd become a case tho. Figure I'd start with being honest.

So here goes. Almost a month ago I built a new rig, it's the first rig I've built.
And it worked, very nicely...nicely would be a understatement considering my previous PC xD

The rig is(not at home so I(no internet without PC) can't really give the entire number-ish names of components but enough to get the point):

1)MOBO: Gigabyte UD5 x79
2)CPU: i7 @ 3600 mHz
3)RAM: 16Gb Ram @ 2133
4)GPU: Gainward 680GTX Phantom 2GB
5)SSD 64gb with windows
6)HDD 2 Tb
7)Not like it matters, but the monitor is a DellUltraSharp 2713HM
8)PSU: 1kW Thermaltake Grand(e)
9)Thermaltake FrioClock CPU cooler
10)Thermaltake MK-1 Chaser case

Being my first rig, first time I set it up, it took me 5 hours, so I know I did everything right in that regard.
It worked for a month. Then yesterday happened. I host gaming tournaments, usually on a PS3. But all the sponsors changed their mind and didn't give SSF4:AE, and not to allow the tournament to go down the drain I took my PC since I play it on my PC(looks and works better anyway).

But the tournament ended up going down the drain anyway. Since we arrived at the location, once I set-up the PC and turned it on, it just turns on for maybe a second(power led works and case/cpu collers spin for that short period), turns off and this pattern repeats itself forever.

In the meantime, I've tried pulling out all components, one by one and so on, to no result, same happens.
I've checked all power supply cables where in the right place, all case/mobo pins in place, everything is in order in that regard.

Since the failed tournament, I've returned home with the PC, and it's been 12 hours since then and still the same happens. It's worth mentioning that before leaving for the tournament I did some Illustrator CS6 work and played some Hitman: Absolution, everything was perfect.

Things that came to mind among other things was the fact that it was a bit cold in the car(cold outside generaly, around 9C) on the way to the location(and later in return from it), and the journey was a bit shaky(not much, still, worth mentioning if it matters). So I thought condensation maybe? But it' been 12h since I came home with the PC and the same things happens.

Only thing I haven't tried is removing the CPU an putting it back again. But the thought of removing this cooler...I just hate the process.

It's worth mentioning that there is no way I could borrow components of this quality/power from others to try out switching PSU/MOBO/CPU, since I live in a poor-ish country, and am among the rare few that can afford this kind of blasphemy ^^ But also, it would take at least 6-7 months till I can buy any new component since well, buying this PC made me go broke ^^

Can't remember anything worth sharing at the moment, no wonder since my brain is all in fear/anger about my PC not working, and such an error like this doesn't seem like a simple fluke.

Lastly I hope my English was good enough to be precise about my problem.

P.S. Yeah, this PC is also the source of income for me since I'm a semi-pro designer, so without it I'm...fudged, hence the dire need for help.

EDIT: Figured I'd also mention that I always use a surge protector.


1) Do you get any beeps at all ?
2) Do you see any post at all on screen ?
3) Was the temperature low enough to freeze the cooler liquid in CPU cooler ?
4) Sometimes you get a bad MB, RMA with Gigabyte since it's new.
5) Spent money on a good Intel CPU why not in a good AMD video card ?


Nov 25, 2012
1) No beeps.
2) No. No reaction from monitor.
3) No, and its a fan cooler, not liquid based.
4) I didn't get a bad one since it worked for a little more then a month.
5) My GPU is far from bad, blows most of it's class away, sure Radeon cards are better for 3D rendering and similar stuff, but not like it goes bad on an nvidia card, and not to lie, I do enjoy gaming still, so nvidia > radeon, but that's personal taste/preference.