Install patch & lost keyboard&mouse



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I have install ms04-011 patch & my couple of DELL gx1 lost keyboard & mouse
any one has any problem or any suggestion
please respond to this


Apr 7, 2004
Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc (More info?)

Hi Mike,

Is MS04-011 the only patch applied to the machines, or were others done at the
same time ?

This problem with the mouse and keyboard 'stopping' has skyrocketed in the last
year or so because of the all the Virus/Worm scares and everyone finally
deciding to do something about plugging the multitude of security holes left in
Microsoft OSes (NT 4.0 included)

To answer - by any chance did you have a copy of Microsoft Intellimouse prior to
V3.2 installed on the effected machines ? There is known issue of the 'POST
SP6a Security Rollup (SRP) Q299444' breaking the mouse and keyboard when it is
installed under these conditions.

Have a look at Microsoft Knowledgebase Article 305462 - Mouse and Keyboard Stop
Working After You Install the Windows NT 4.0 Security Rollup Package, I think it
will address your particular situation. They offer several possible fixes for
the problem, depending on what type of file system your boot partition is. (ie:
the one that has the /WINNT folder on it)

I managed to cure my particular problem by remote logging in over our LAN and
manually replacing the effected files - fortunately they weren't in use because
they had failed to start. Once I got a working keyboard and mouse again I
properly removed Intellimouse V2.0 using Add/Remove programmes and replaced it
with a later version (V3.2 or later is ok)