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Integrated Realtek ALC892 audio - jack remap


I got a ALC892 Realtek audio on a P67, running Win7. I have the headphones in the green jack (Front out). I want to plug a set of stereo speakers into another jack and set it to "Front out" as well. Basically you could say that I want the headphones and the stereo speakers to play the exact same thing. I tried meddling with regedit but couldn't get it working. Anyone have any ideas?

The stupid thing is that I could this this kind of things like 6-7-8 years ago on an old XP machine. Now the Realtek drivers don't let me.


Ok, guys I got it figured out.

This things work with most ALC8** and ALC9** Realtek. Works in Windows 7 and Vista. Haven't tried on W8 but I guess it should be similar.

What you do:

Start > Run > regedit and press enter

Navigate to:

SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Class > {4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} > 0000 > Settings

If you are using ALC892 you will see "Drv6662_DevType_0892_SS18490892"

DevType_0892 is your ALC version. On different Realtek integrated audio's it is a different number. When you open it you will see a lot of stuff going on at the right side.

Now here it gets trickier. We know that we have 6 jacks on the back. And what is here is Pin14, Pink15, Pin16, Pin17, Pin18 and Pin19. The pins numbers are confusing, but there is an easier way to find what you need. Also note, that in different versions of the ALC or on different motherboard, these pins can be Pin1, Pin2,etc or Pin01, Pin02 or etc, or whatever. The important thing is to look at their binary value.

"01 00 00 00" = Mic-in = default is Red
"02 00 00 00" = Headphones" NOTE: I don't have 02 00 00 00 , but I have another "01 00 00 00" which is Line-in = Blue and not a microphone, basically for an electrical instrument.
"04 00 00 00" = Front speakers = Green
"05 00 00 00" = Rear speakers = Black
"06 00 00 00" = Center/subwoofer = Orange
"07 00 00 00" = Side speakers = Gray

Now, what to do is get in that Binary value of another pin and change it. For me Pin14 and Pin15 were Geen and Black, or the jack in the center of both rows. I set Pin15 to 04 00 00 00 and that was it.

After I restarted the machine, the headphones (jn green) and the speaker (in black) were playing as front speakers. basically they play the same thing. Because I prefer to use headphones and like them stuck in the back, but I am tired of repluging when I need the speakers, I duplicated the front speakers output on 2 pins. This way, when I need the speakers, I just turn them on.

This is also usable if you wish to change the jack output on a laptop. For example you broke the jack for the headphones - now you can remap the mic-in jack to output sound to speakers or headphones.

Please convert this to sticky or something, so other people may use it.