News Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs Report Clock Speeds Differently Than Nvidia and AMD

On the flip side, this also means Intel's Arc GPUs don't have a minimum specified frequency at all. For instance, this means Arc GPUs cannot, technically speaking, thermal throttle -- since these GPUs can run at any frequency and still be within the listed specs.
Time to have a field day with this one for anyone who gets it

"is my Intel video card thermal throttling?"

"No, it's still within spec even if it's running at 300 MHz"
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Mar 16, 2020
I don’t see how this differs from what Nvidia and AMD are doing beyond what is stated on the paper/ specs. For example, Nvidia show a base clockspeed, which I generally don’t see happening because from the get go, it will boost clockspeed even more than the “boost” clock defined by the AIB or Nvidia themselves. Ultimately, Intel will have to set an upper limit as to how high the GPU can boost because of the power limit they defined in the first place.