Question Intel 10400 not hitting rated turbo boost


Nov 28, 2015
I recently purchased a i5 10400f which is advertised as being able to boost up to 4.3ghz. I understand that this is just on one core, but none of my cores get anywhere close to that. Monitoring things with HWmonitor, I can see that peak frequency any of my cores reach is 3994 MHZ. Even while running single cored benchmarks, it does not pass this frequency. I've tried changing some settings in the bios to no avail. Anybody know why the chip is behaving this way?


Dec 30, 2017
The chip is said to have 4 ghz all cores which as I can see you can easily reach. I don't know if you can manually force a particular core to reach 4.3 ghz but I assume even if it does it's going to hold it for a very limited time. I don't see anything wrong apart from possibly your expectations of the i5 10400.
Forgot to mention, running a single core benchmark does not guarantee that the CPU will consider the need to turbo up to 4.3ghz.
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@nesteafury - The core C states have to be enabled in the BIOS so the 10400F can access the maximum turbo boost multipliers. The common internet advice it to disable the C states. That is a bad idea because it will also disable the maximum turbo boost multipliers.

ThrottleStop shows that the CPU cores are spending most of their idle time in core C7.


Try using ThrottleStop instead. It uses the Intel recommended monitoring method. By accessing high performance timers within the CPU, it can accurately determine how much turbo boost an Intel CPU is using.

The 10850K can use the 52 multiplier when 1 or 2 cores are active. During a single thread Cinebench test, it is easy to see that the core working on the task is using the 52 multiplier, the majority of the time.