Question Intel 9100f or Ryzen 3100? For a $500 budget build with GTX 1650.

Aug 7, 2020
Good day, I'm deciding which one to get with a gtx 1650 (rx 570 are very rare during quarantine), here in my country the difference between 3100 and 9100f is about $40, my budget is only $500, my original plan is R5 2600, but it's out of stock. Btw I'm using a320m chipset on the 3100 because I'm not doing any overclocking and also b450 mobo are $60 more here. The cheaper b450's are out of stocks also. So I'm asking you guys if which one is more worth it than the other.

I'm very open for your suggestions guys😀


Jun 13, 2015
a320 chipset release for 1st gen Ryzen so the motherboard most likely need 1st gen Ryzen to update the bios before it can work with Ryzen 3100 (3rd gen). I don't think B450 will work either since Ryzen 3100 just got release recently; B450 also probably need bios update before it can work with Ryzen 3100.
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Jan 14, 2019
I guess multi-threaded games that can use up to 8 threads would benefit from the 8 threads on the AMD Ryzen 3 3100. Older games that are less demanding on older hardware may run very well with the Intel Core i3-9100F. Both CPUs are good options in my opinions. Yes, you have to check if the A320 motherboard you are getting has the latest BIOS/UEFI version to support the Ryzen 3 3100. It's the same situation when using the i3-9100F with a H310, B360, B365, H370, Z370, or Z390 motherboard (although I would not recommend using the Z370 and Z390 motherboards for this CPU). Some MSI Z390 and some B365 motherboards (especially a few from ASRock and GIGABYTE) do support some 9th generation Intel Core series desktop processors (e.g. i3-9100F) without updating/flashing the BIOS/UEFI.
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Good day, I'm deciding which one to get with a gtx 1650
Have you decided on a particular card yet? I don't know how pricing is where you are, but at least in the US it currently only costs slightly more for a 1650 SUPER over the original 1650. And the SUPER version tends to be over 30% faster. So if there similarly isn't much of a price difference where you are, the 1650 SUPER might be a better value, even if it costs a little more.

I'd shy away from both choices, doing what is needed to come up with enough funds for the 3300X (does great despite being only 4c/8t) or R5-2600/2600X...
I don't know what availability is like for them, but 3300X's seem to be in rather short supply at this time, and it might not be possible to find one for a reasonable price. A 3300X doesn't really make much sense if it's been marked up to around the price of a 3600. For that matter, even the 3100's currently available online in the US are priced above what the 3300X should be selling for, making them a questionable value as well.

What country is this and what are the actual prices you are looking at for these components? A $40 difference between the 9100F and the 3100 makes me think the 3100 might be similarly marked up there as well. And is the Ryzen 3600 priced not much higher, or is there a larger jump to that?
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