intel 975 or Nvida 680i


Apr 12, 2005
Ok, I have read every review and completely stumped.

Time for a new computer.

Want to use a E6400 duo 2.

Was about to buy the EVGA 680i board. Then was told to get Intel bad axe 2 975 board. Then was told no intel can't change CPU multiplier on this chip, get EVGA.

I am truly just a general computer user. I just want to go middle of the road and get the most bang for my buck. I want to do a little video editing (use it as a PVR once in a while). I do a little CAD work. Just really a bit of everything (maybe a game one in a while).

I do tend to keep a computer for a long time (I am using a PIII now ... almost stops but ...)

I was going for a AMD FX2 but read for the same money the E6400 is the best value out there.

Need advice on a board (looks like I can get the most out of the evga but intel may be more stable).

I figure on using a 1950 video card.

I figure on 2 gig of ram.

I want to run xp64 for now and put vista on when it is out.

I need to do all this before the end of the year (put on this years taxes).

Any advice would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks .... Mike