Question Intel Arc A770 on Z390 motherboards ?



I own a Z390 motherboard, with a 9th gen Intel CPU.
I'm interested into buying an Intel Arc A770 GPU.
Enabling resizable BAR in the BIOS is a must when using Intel GPUs.
My motherboard, Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master, has this feature.
Still, Intel recommends using 10th gen (or higher) Intel CPUs combined with Arc GPUs.

Did anyone use an Intel Arc A750 or A770 GPU on a Z390 motherboard?
Is resizable BAR working properly?


I wouldn't get an Intel GPU, instead invest on something from the other two camps they have a better driver support. + If you still want to get the Intel discrete GPU while on your current platform, please regard their requirements.


They only recommend 10th gen at minimum because ReBar support is higher and more wide spread across that generation and newer with it being less available on older gen.
However, ReBar goes all the way back to 6th gen Skylake.

If your motherboard BIOS says it supports ReBar, then simply enable it.
As long as you can actually get it enabled and running on your system with that CPU and everything then you should be fine.

It is better performance wise to have PCIe Gen 4 but as long as you can get Gen 3 at full x16 with ReBar enabled on your system, then you shouldn't see any bottlenecks.

As mentioned though, could be better to look into other cards unless you specifically are looking to use some sort of feature that is exclusive to only Arc cards. (like AV1 encoding for content creation or something. At that point, it's a bit cheaper than buying into a 40 series card with dual encoders)

Keep in mind ultimately that the functionality of these cards is hit or miss with lots of issues due to how new it is. Driver updates are rolling out and helping a bit, but there are still lots of issues.
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