Intel Core i3-7350K Review

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Well, there are other indicators. For example, Noctua released a whole line of coolers specifically for the AM4 CPUs. That means they expect Ryzen to sell well, since otherwise it wouldn't be worth it to have a whole line of coolers dedicated to it.

Olle P

Apr 7, 2010
I totally agree! Can't figure out why there's no mentioning of the Pentium in the Conclusion.

For gaming that's definitely true. (And I'd even venture into saying that the gap is between the $65 G4560 and the $205 i5-7500. The processors in-between "suffer" either in clock speed, multi-thread performance, or both.)

The Core i3 series seems to be somewhat worthwhile for "heavy" office use though.

The reason you haven't sold any is because those enthusiasts aren't old enough to buy the parts themselves. There are most definitely ~13 y.o. enthusiasts running on tight budget!
In my proposed "$500 Computer" optimised for gaming I chose to combine the G4560 with a Z170 motherboard to allow for an i5-7600K later on.

Yes, it will be interesting to see how well it fares against the quad core Core i7s. But given the presented AMD clock speeds I don't have too much hope. I expect this i3-7350 at the same price to run circles around the Ryzen in single and few thread performance.

... or be in need of plenty cooling... :evil:
Things I think people don't get : AMD is hot mainly because most draw 125 frickin' watts out of the box.
The CPU that's supposed to compete with a 6900k takes 95W, which is more than say, a locked i5, and equals an unlocked i5. AMD also plans on a lot of other 65W models.


Feb 22, 2017
I don't really like the release of this cpu, though it does perform well with many simple applications, at its price point it's just not worth it, though I think it is pointed at gaming with that price point, it is only a dual core, many games being released in the next few years will likely need a quad core minimum(but idk, most games may stay on quad cores) but it honestly isn't future proofed enough unless you plan to upgrade to a better cpu later, but then why wouldn't you just get a better one now. Also with the hopefully upcoming release of AMD's Ryzen, at the price this cpu will not be justified, anyway thats just my opinion, Goodbye! :D
@SurgeTech 2 core/4 thread CPUs (i3, new Pentiums) still do a pretty decent job in gaming, even in games that say they require a quad core. But yeah, with current pricing this unlocked i3 is nothing more than a novelty.


Jan 22, 2007
Same problem as previous releases. Scan UK has this CPU for 170 UKP. The last used 3930K I bought cost me 82, bagged a P9X79-E WS for 200 (or lower down the scale, I'd rather pick up a used 2500K and some Z68 board than this 7350K). Hoping AMD can give Intel a good kicking on pricing with Ryzen, because Intel's pricing has been silly for several years now. Used to be tech sites called them out on it, but not anymore.
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