Intel D975BX boot issue--tried everything!


Nov 25, 2007
Hey there,

Apologies in advance if I missed a simple step, but here's the problem:

I set one of the frequencies in the BIOS on my Intel D975BX MB a bit too high--and when it powered on nothing displayed. I did get three beeps, however, which indicated that it was having a memory issue.

I reset the jumper on the MB to get the BIOS settings back to default, and nothing happened. When I power on the MB I just get a black screen. Fans turn on, but no beeping, nothing.

I also tried flashing the BIOS (removing the pin completely and inserting the BIOS flashing executable via a Floppy)--no go. It starts to read the floppy and lights up, but nothing really happens.

Finally, I've removed the battery from the mainboard and waited for an hour. No go.

Here's my setup:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
4GB OCZ PC5400
Nvidia 8800GT

P.S. I reseated my memory just to make sure--yeah, that didn't fix it :(

Thanks in advance!

I set one of the frequencies in the BIOS on my Intel D975BX MB a bit too high

Setting a frequency too high in BIOS may not matter so much as setting a 'voltage' to high. Short of calling the problem a bad MB, you would need to try your RAM, video card and even processor in another sytem to confirm those components were not damaged if you did in fact 'overvolt' your MB (system). If you remove ALL the RAM and get beeps, the MB is good signifying No RAM in the system. If the MB beeps, Try each DIMM as a single and see what you get. You tried flashing the BIOS? To a new version? And now you get NO beeps? You may have corrupted the BIOS in doing so. Some MB have a BIOS recovery tool bult into the MB CD. You might read the manual and see if the BIOS is recoverable once corrupted.