Question Intel i7-12700f overheating


Feb 28, 2019
I have an issue with my cpu, I play games heavily and around the 6 hour mark my cpu begins to overheat to nearly 97c in some instances. Could this be my cpu fan? Or do I need to reapply paste? This was a prebuilt I bought from my local bestbuy.

Acer Predator Orion 5000
RTX 3080 LHR
i7 12700f

The best I can gather for the motherboard according to an acer answer on bestbuy - "Acer proprietary form factor mATX. "

I've gone through the process of using the PredatorSense application to crank my fan speeds to 100%, their is one exhaust fan, the cpu fan, gpu fans, and 2 intake fans.


It's likely I'll have to replace the cpu cooler with liquid cooling, if this is the case what aio and radiator would I need? Apparently the case has mounts on the top of the case.


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Take the side panel off and run it that way. See if there is still a CPU overheating problem. Report back.

This will tell us if the problem is a lack of airflow through the case or a problem with the cooler itself, cooler mounting, thermal paste application, excessive voltage, etc.


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So, first thing you need to do is check to see that the mounting hardware, which includes the backplate and the cooler push pins that lock it in place are all firmly seated. One pushpin slightly loose or not locked down, or popped free, will definitely cause an overheating problem.

If that is all good, you might try removing the cooler, cleaning off the thermal paste from the bottom of the cooler and the top of the CPU using 91% isopropyl alcohol or thermal paste specific cleaner, and applying fresh thermal paste. The stock cooler SHOULD be plenty good for that CPU.

Getting a better CPU cooler would definitely not hurt anything though if you are inclined to purchase one.


How long has your CPU been mounted to that board / cooler? The 12th generation intel CPU's have an issue where the mounting bracket designs don't push uniformly on the CPU and eventually it'll cause the middle to bend downwards slightly causing small air cavities to form between the CPU and the cooler. Like most companies wanting to avoid massive lawsuits, they hand waived it as "nothing to see here".

It's fixed using a simple $12~20 USD mounting bracket that disperses the mounting pressure across the entire IHS instead of just the middle.


The same issue exists with 13th generation with the exact same "fix", it's a socket design problem.


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Or you can fix it for almost nothing, like I did. And it literally made an 8°C difference on my 12700k with Aorus Elite AX DDR4 setup.

But, while it will most likely help, either of those solutions, I'm pretty doubtful it's going to be the FULL cause of a 97°C CPU when doing nothing more than gaming. If that temp was while running Prime, I might be more inclined to think it likely. Gaming should come nowhere near max TDP regardless of what game you are running unless you are running a LOT of other heavily CPU intensive processes at the same time. Still, it could help to alleviate at least SOME of the problem, and given that the problem is known to get worse over time in some cases, maybe most of it. Funny thing though is that despite this being a provable problem, we have not seen a lot of people complaining of this BUT also most people using 12th and 13th Gen CPUs for gaming are probably running at least i5 or higher models and aftermarket coolers which have a higher mounting pressure than the stock coolers do.