Intel Matrix Storage -- Can't boot RAID0+1 -- OPTIONS??


Jul 6, 2007
Ok, so apparently, I've really screwed up, and now I'm extremely worried/stressed out/paranoid/etc. that I will not be able to recover my data.

Here was my setup before:

2 HDs in RAID0+1 (striped & mirrored)
- Striped partition was for OS install (b/c I reimage a lot)
- Mirrored partition was for Storage (files I wanted to back up)

So, I upgraded my CPU from E6750 to Q9550, but BIOS was recognizing the CPU correctly. I called gigabyte and they said to flash. I did, and it recognized the correct CPU but not the correct speed. **NOTE: I was able to boot to windows just fine after the CPU change, but before BIOS flash. I was also able to boot to windows just fine after the flash.

I called gigabyte back again and they said to perform "Load Fail-Safe Settings" and "Load Default Settings". I did so, but RAID didn't boot. I went back to BIOS and set SATA MODE to RAID, and then tried to boot.

At this point, it said volume 0 (striped) status "Failed" and volume 2 (mirrored) status "Degraded". Then, after this, I get the message "Missing Operating System".

When I rebooted and entered the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, it gives the following 4 options:
1. Create RAID Volume
2. Delete RAID Volume
3. Reset Disks to Non-RAID
4. Exit

Under Disk/Volume Information, it shows this:

RAID Volumes:

ID -- Name ----- Level ------------ Stripe --- Size -------- Status -------- Bootable
0 --- OSDrive -- RAID0(Stripe) -- 128KB -- 300.0GB --- Failed --------- No
1 --- Storage -- RAID1(Mirror) --- N/A ----- 548.6GB --- Degraded ---- Yes

Physical Disks:

Port -- Drive Model ------ Serial # -- Size --------- Type/Status(Vol ID)
0 ----- <Model #> ------- <serial> -- 698.7GB --- Non-RAID Disk
1 ----- <Same Model> -- <serial> -- 698.7GB --- Member Disk(0,1)

So, I need to know what my options are. Reinstalling OS is not a problem at all. I can reinstall, or Ghost, whichever is fine by me. HOWEVER, I absolutely CAN NOT do anything to lose the data on the mirrored part of the drive(s). I've been so afraid of doing anything tonight because I don't want to take a chance at losing this.

Will reinstalling windows mess up or alter the raid information so that the data on the mirrored part of the drives is not accessible?

Can I take out one of the drives and access the second volume (the mirrored part of the drive) and save my files to another disk?

Can I simply "create a new volume" from the Intel Matrix Storage Manager? Will doing so somehow mess up the second volume?

You'll notice in the Physical disks section above, it thinks the first drive is not a RAID disk. I don't know how that happened, and I don't know how to get it back to being a RAID disk.

Is there anything I can do to set it as a RAID disk again, and then everything magically be back to where it was??

PLEASE, ANY help is GREATLY appreciated.


Jan 29, 2009
Did you ever fix this problem ?

I did exactly the same thing.

The offline (nonraid) drive needs to sort of be forces to be re-accepted by the Intel raid.


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