Intel TRIM support over RAID???


Hi all, reading some other posts in this forum, I stumbled upon an interesting piece of information ... Intel RST might now support TRIM over some RAID types. Does anyone have any additional information they would like to share on the subject?

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Some sources say it supports TRIM on RAID, other said it only works on drives not part of an array...
2 years later...
As of Nov 2011 Trim is now available for RAID0 if you are running over RST, but not other types of RAID. This is however not so much an issue anymore as internal garbage collection on modern SSDs has gotten so much better in the last year, making Trim largely redundant. However, Trim is still better than internal GC, so it will help a little bit, but the internal GC makes it possible to do RAID 1, 5, 10, etc with minimal concern.

Sorry, but that’s incorrect. As of today TRIM is not available for any drive that is part of a RAID array.

In November 2011 there were articles indicating that Intel RST version 11.5 would add TRIM support, but as of today the latest Intel RST version is