Question Internet and search bar not working (even after fresh new win10 installation)


Mar 16, 2017
i hv ran into a serious prblm with my pc. you may think it not a big issue but let me explain what happened. internet doesnt work even though it is connected, my internet connection and cable is fine. and search bar doesnot work, no applications run and strangely task bar doesn't response (like it is freeze). i tried to fix the issue with help of youtube vdos but none of them worked in my case. then i installed a fresh new windows 10 and everything seemed ok. but after few days it happened again exact same issues like before (then again i had to install new windows). thn updated MB bios to latest version. after 10-15 days later same issue.

  1. cpu - ryzen 2400G
  2. mobo- Gigabyte A320M-S2H
  3. Ram- 8gb/2400Mhz


I would grab a copy of MemTest86 and let it test your RAM for at least a few hours. If that comes back ok, the next thing that comes to mind is either a filesystem issue, or a failing drive. To check the filesystem, we need to run the chkdsk tool in Windows. If you can, right click your Start button and select "Windows PowerShell (Admin)" and enter the command below. If the right click menu on the Start button doesn't respond, press the key combo Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard to open the Task Manager. Once there, go to File > Run new task. In The Create new task window that appears, enter the command below and be sure to check the "Create the task with administrative privileges" box before clicking OK.

chkdsk /f /r C:

It will advise that it cannot lock the drive and ask to schedule chkdsk for the next reboot. Type "Y" to schedule the process and then restart the computer. It will start the chkdsk run the next time it boots up, shortly before you would get the Windows desktop. Let it finish the check and do any repairs to any problems it finds. Once it is complete, it will restart the computer again automatically and then boot back to Windows normally.

Check your taskbar again to see if it responds. if it does, check everything else that was having an issue and let us know if any problems remain.