Internet Connection Dropping/timing out?


Apr 21, 2012
From time to time, my internet decides that it won't work and all of a sudden, just stops loading web pages i'm searching for. (i use Google chrome and it ALWAYS says 'Sending Request' at the bottom of the page when this happens). Now while this is happening, my Xbox can stay connected to the internet and i can continue to use the connection for online gaming, and the same when streaming videos on the laptop that have been previously loaded. (not as effective though)

something I've noticed however is that even if my internet is in 'Sending Request' mode or not, i'm constantly having problems with it still, such as losing connections to EA servers or streams on my laptop temporarily freezing.

I've tried a few possible solutions as to how i can fix this, but a very knowledgeable IT friend of mine said it's probably a cheap routers that was issued by my ISP..

Basically, i just need to know how, if i can, that i can overcome this faulty piece of crap and continue to surf the web normally without any problems!

i have a small amount of networking knowledge but answers would be appreciated in simpler terms. :)

Many Thanks!


Apr 21, 2011

try changing the channel into one of the least busy channel.. either 1 6 or 11 whatever is less populated. if that does not help then upgrading your router would be the best bet..