Question Internet connection drops frequently on all devices

Aug 18, 2019
Internet connection drops frequently on all devices and comes back in a few seconds like 40-50 seconds. And it happens to everyone on my ISP.
I checked some of the threads but couldn't relate so I'm posting here.
My ISP provides internet through fiber connection, I have an Optical Network Unit connecting to the router. As I said connection drops frequently and it's not much noticeable but enough to disconnect from online games or calls. I told them about it and they're feeding me bs. Their latest reason was "when internet gets slow some people mess with their router so internet disconnects".
They are new to the business and don't know much about about it, I can say that because I'm their one of the first customers and I personally know one of them. So I'm asking if anyone can help troubleshoot me or them it will be great.


There is only so much bandwidth available and everyone shares.

And people do all sorts of things to: 1) gain internet access and 2) gain faster service speeds.

Most of those things do not work and only disrupt service.

So there is truth in what he is saying.

About all you can do is check the performance levels (speeds, drops, etc.) on your own network (ONC to router to devices).

Just run some ping related tests, network speed tests to identify and correct problems within your network. E.g., bad ethernet cable, loose punch down in wall jack, misconfigured network adapter, wireless inference sources, etc..

Your ISP will have address any problems up to the Optical Network Unit. E.g., illegal connections.
Well if u know one of them, then easy enough to get the truth?

Assuming u didn't do anything like they suggest, random tweaking blah-blah, the first thing I suggest is suspect congestion, but since you like a lot of people post this issue not providing basic info like what bandwidth you paid for, how many users etc, I have no hard data to go further.