Question Internet speed prioritization

Feb 6, 2023
I'm having a strange issue where my internet speed appears to vary based on applications. It's especially noticeable in browsers.

I have 1gb wired connection and can play any sort of video game at consistent 10-50 ping for an unlimited duration with no lag. While doing this, if I want to open a stream in a browser, or even do so much as attach a 500kb file to an email, I often can't. When I unplug my ethernet and reconnect it to the back of my pc, everything works perfectly for a short duration until it inevitably has the same issue. If I load a stream in this window, I can watch it at 1080p until I close it, but it often won't reopen if I refresh it or close it.

I have tried disabling the global autotuning level but it doesn't seem to solve anything. Does anyone know why this issue may be happening? I've swapped my ethernet cable as well, but this seems to be an issue with my computer I believe since the internet itself is not having any issues on any other devices.

Happy to provide anything else I can, appreciate any help!
A couple things to blindly try.

Try to set the DNS in the IPv4 settings to or The default is to use your router as a dns proxy to your ISP DNS server and that can sometime not work well.
Disable IPv6 support on your pc. This can cause strange issue because some software runs IPv4 and other IPv6 and IPv6 for unknown reasons does not work as well for some people.

Check to see if you have any software that claims to be a "gamer" network or give priority to certain traffic. This comes bundled with the bloatware on some motherboards and video cards. A very common name is CFOSspeed but there are many others. If you find anything like this uninstall it.


You can also use Task Manager, Resource Monitor, and Process explorer to observe system perfomance.

Use all three tools but only one tool at a time.

Open the tool and simply observe the system.

What resources are being used, to what extent ( % ), and what is using any given resource. E.g. bloatware as mentioned by @bill001g.

Leave the viewing window open and game as usual. Watch for what, if anything, changes in the tool window.

Lastly, if I follow correctly, next open a stream and continue to watch the tool window.

Good chance that you will spot some change that corresponds with the speed change.

Process Explorer - Microsoft, free.

Take your time, no need to rush. Be methodical. Do not expect immediate results.

Some problem may take a few minutes to manifest.
You have 1Gbs lan or is that your internet speed? Can you confirm both and if you are wired on LAN?

Any upload or download causing bufferbloat can have widely varying results on your connections. You need to make sure you get the speeds you pay for from your isp. if you configured some things wrong or using wifi that isn't strong enough you need to identify that.

Most consumer routers aren't equipped for much trouble shooting. iftop on your router is a great program to see traffic from all connections. Only other way is to make yourself the only client then look at your resource monitor. This will be easier to narrow down the application. I've seen cases where people start a cloud backup and it takes weeks to run and they don't even realize it.