IRQL thing still, im ready to cry


Feb 3, 2002
hey guys,
almost out of the blue I started getting weird IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL messages as we're all so firmiliar with. they hit on different things, sometimes its the HAL.DLL file, sometimes its NTOSKRNL.(whatever) and its driving me nuts. i used the latest vid drivers, old ones, new sound drivers, you name it ive tried it. i had a problematic stick of ram, but if i take it out, the comp still BSODs on me. if i leave a few web progs (sygate, Norton AV, Ramidle, edonkey2000) open when I come back in the morning its crashed to a blue screen with IRQL_NOT_less ect ect. sometimes when I play battlefield1942 or collin mcrae rally, i get the same BSOD only with the NTOSKRNL file. im getting frustrated. with BSODs in win2k it seems most people dont know their bum from a hole in the ground. Im getting despirate here guys :\

theres gotta be somthing central causing both crashes. i doubt its sound drivers, because it crashes with just edonkey running overnight. i doubt its my video card, because swapping out drivers AND video cards did the same thing. im up a creek here, anyone got a paddle.

I cant even leave edonkey open while I work in NetObjects Fusion without it crashing. my powersupply is too small for my system, but i ordered a bigger 420 watt thermaltake that should be here by tuesday. i dont entirely know how that could be the source of my problems though. perhaps a fresh install of windows when the new PS gets here. but still, this is annoying as all friggin hell. im tempted to go back to XP just because its not AS prone to the IRQL error. it seems to be a plauge sweeping win2k users that noone knows anything about or certainly not how to fix.

sorry, end rant mode.
can anyone help me before i go homicidal on my pc?

athlon 1ghz
DDR266 PC2100 @ 768mb (512 and a 256)
chaintech geforce 4 ti4200 64MB vid
SBLive! 5.1
5400rpm WD 30gig and fujitsu 9gig
Linksys network everywhere NIC (stock drivers)
all updated via drivers
Via KT400 based mobo
toshiba CD-DVD
Iomega zipCD burner
SB Live! Drive
small powersupply :\
win2k w/ all known updates


Jun 18, 2003

This really is a scary situation.
Try the following.

1. Remove all the peripherals except MOUSE, KEYBOARD and MONITOR.

2. Reset the CMOS jumper on the mobo once.

3. If you are still getting it, remove all the expansion cards except video and memory and hard drive and remove all the optical drives and also the floppy drive.

4. Restart the computer. Wait for it to load to the desktop and then shut down the comp and Plug everything back in.

5. If the problem still persists, disconnect everything( including pci cards, floppy drive and if you have two optical drives disconnect the second one too) except monitor, mouse and keyboard and then format the hard drive and reinstall the whole thing and add all the components one by one and check if any one of these causing it.


Feb 3, 2002
right now im praying its because of my small powersupply (new one should be here on tuesday). ive tried taking everything out, no dice. by the end of next week i will have a new PSU (420watt thermaltake) a new WD 40gb hard drive, and a new cdrw. so i will be reformatting anywh00t. if i get the same problems ill try your latter suggestion. thanks for the advice


Apr 27, 2003
Dude I have this prob too-

I just built a new sys and put win2kpro + SP4 on then started addin drivers and soft normally. When I tried to get online though I'd get the same error you speak of, eventually to the point the thing wasn't usable.

So I reinstalled thet whole thing, this time with just enuff drivers/soft to get me online, and now the only time I get it is when I try to shut down. Drivin me crazy too so keep the thread alive!