[SOLVED] Is 75-83 GPU temp celsius fine for gaming?


Jan 16, 2021
In December of 2020 I bought a prebuilt PC with a fairly small case making it not the most ideal when it comes to airflow and such, anyways. So my situation is that when I first started gaming on this PC the GPU temp would be around 80 Celsius I believe, I was mostly playing CSGO. Then a couple months later I installed MSI Afterburner and decided to gradually turn up the fan speed. Depending on the temperature of my room (which is quite small), in the most ideal situation the fan speed would be at 65% and the GPU would be around 55-70(tops)c. Quite good. After that, I made two separate profiles on afterburner. 1 for when I'm just browsing and not gaming, which the fan speed is at 47%, running at 49c. And the other, which is at 65c however I sometimes increase it depending on the game I'm playing. As said before, I can run CSGO on 65c and it will be between 55-70(tops) if the temp in my room isn't too hot and mostly cool. However on games like Dying Light and Mafia Definitive Edition, at 65-75% fan speed, they will run at 80-85c which makes me uncomfortable so I raise it to maybe 75-80% which brings the temp down to maybe 77c. Now, first thing. Is there any harm in me changing the fan speeds when I'm gaming and not gaming, and second, is gaming at 77-83c safe and fine? I already know about the dust in the fans which can heat up the PC but I quite frequently check and there is little to no dust in the fans or even in the PC itself. Sorry if this sounds very convoluted, just finished a gaming session and its late at night lol. however if you have any questions or need more info, please ask.

forgot to write this: Is turning the fan speed up to 90-100% really bad or is that fine? I tested like once but the sound emanating from my PC really made me stay far away from it lol, however if its not that bad to have it that those speeds, then I might just turn it up and live with the noise if it means that the GPU temp will decrease a fair bit while gaming.


Simplest way to put it: it's the built in, auto overclock feature of the gpu.

I believe it's still on Version 3.0, which was introduced since the 10 series.
It can dynamically change boost clock based on the gpu's parameters - the primary ones being temperature and power consumption.
It does not boost to infinity. If you've watched it long enough, you will have noticed that there is a number your particular card likes to settle on, or tries to.
In the case of my 1080Ti, it likes 1949mhz, up from 1480mhz.


Assuming the gpu is still a 2060 Super from previous posts, 83C is a bit toasty. That's the default thermal limit for most 20 and 30 series cards.
Aim to not go over 80-81C instead, but cooler is always better on these cards because of gpu boost.

Is turning the fan speed up to 90-100% really bad or is that fine?
The coolers were designed around 100% fan speed.