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  1. E

    Question CPU Fan Speed

    So lately my CPU fan speed ramps up to 3.8k rpm (highest its gotten) then dips down to 1000 rpm is there a way i can stop this from happening ive already changed the fan curve in the bios and it still does it i have a wraith max cooler that came with my 3700x it wasn't doing this before it only...
  2. xerxesaria

    Question Revving RTX GPU

    Hi. I recently bought an ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2070 O8G GAMING. Right away, I began hearing a revving sound from the third fan as if it would go into a start-stop motion, as if it wasn't sure what it wanted to do!!! So, after 2 full days of research online, I stumbled upon the following video...
  3. xerxesaria

    Question Fan noise on RTX 2070

    Hi. I have just installed ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2070 O8G GAMING in my new build. After about half an hour, I noticed a faint noise from the third fan located closest to the power inlet of the gpu. The noise is as if the fan is rubbing very lightly against something. A sort of a mild whooshing...
  4. S

    Question is it safe to keep the CPU Fan And my 3 System Fans at 100% all of the time?

    I have an i7 10700K and recently I did a bios update and after the update, the CPU fan speed changed drastically and my CPU temps were 50+ degrees Idle. I quickly went into the bios and noticed that the fan speed was set to auto. I messed around a bit with the speed and changed the CPU fan speed...
  5. Question RTX 2080ti fans crazy RPMs

    Alright hi ! I've got a bit of a problem with a card I got a few months ago. The card worked fine for a good while, but one day it suddendly started to act weird, can't really say when nor why. MOBO : Gigabyte Aorus Ultra CPU : i9 9900K no overclocking GPU : Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti...
  6. S

    Question GPU fans over 6000 RPM even after adjusting in MSI Afterburner

    Hi. So when using the MSI Kombustor stress test or even trying to create an online character in GTA V my GPU goes to 90°C, 100% fan usage and over 6000 RPM (1. OpenHardwareMonitor 2. you can hear it :/ ). And that even after adjusting the fan control curve. When I manually set fan speed to 100%...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Can't change case fan speed

    Hi there, I just built a pc for my brother, and have used a fan cable splitter to have enough fan ports. Now I realise I can't change the fan speed in the Speedfan program. Also in the bios I don't see any fans popping up other than the cpu fan. Right now the fans are really cool, which is...
  8. C


    So i just checked this case recently, but it doesn't say the details of the fans, I am planning to buy this but I'm still questioning this, can anyone help me, does anyone know any details for the fans? And, does anyone know an ARGB 3-pin connector to USB?
  9. Noxious1

    Question Help: TX850M Fan Speed Changes When Powering Up

    Hi, I just replaced my psu with a corsair TX850M and if i turn it on it will be normal fan speed then if i turn it off then back on next time its at high speed :/ so if i want to put it back to normal i got to turn off my pc again then back on just to get it back to normal speed.. any solutions?
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Cpu fan keeps ramping up and down

    Hi everyone! I recently upgraded to a ryzen 5 3600, but am having a weird issue. So i know the ryzen 3000 series has pbo on by default which i wanna use, because I use a aftermarket cooler. But what pbo does is it boosts my voltage + cores whenever I open chrome, open spotify or any other...
  11. Mason3k

    Question Laptop Fans Don't Max Out But CPU Is At 90 Celsius

    Hello, I have a HP Pavilion Power 15, it was a refurbished cheap buy on amazon. I have had it for about 2 years now, and I just started to realize that the CPU temperature is at 90 C but the fans are maybe at 30-50% usage (I am guessing by ear) I have heard them go up to 100% during a BIOS...
  12. Seabass101

    Question Which is better Corsair or EVGA

    Hi, I was wondering if EVGA FX12 fans are better then the Corsair ML120 Premium Magnetic Levitation fans and why? So from a Performance standpoint with is better performing when used on a PC build?
  13. K

    Question How to set fan curve based on GPU temperature?

    While playing games, my gpu (2060 super) reaches 80C. But when I manually set the case exhaust fans to higher rpms, the temps drop to 78C or even 76C sometimes. In most of these scenarios, my cpu (Ryzen 5 3600) is mostly at 65C and for fewer games it is 80C. So, I tried setting up fan curve...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] FX 4300 Fan Speed

    So I am currently water cooling an AMD Fx4300 (i know its bad im upgrading soon) and I know that the temperature readings are socking for the FX series processors. Currently my fans run at full 1800RPM constantly but I have found an option in my bios to take them down to 500RPM. This speed is...
  15. dondeykong

    [SOLVED] Can't control fan speed

    I recently built my first PC Decided to add some extra fans, but they are running at minimum rpm all the time. It barely feels like they are doing anything... They don't show up on bios or speed fan. And the software controller does not have a speed setting.... MB:MSI Tomahawk b450...
  16. RyanSpamsShift

    Question Lack of silent mode

    I have got a custom fan curve installed on MSI afterburner and my GPU fan refuses to go below 44% and it is causing my pc to get unnecessarily loud. Whatever I do the fan speed will not go down, despite on the fan curve for the temperatures it is running at it should be at <10%. I have contacted...
  17. C

    Question One fan going 100% while other is at normal Speed

    Hi! I have a Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 4GB and i have a problem where one fan goes crazy whilst the other stays at normal RPM's. There are no temp spikes and the "bad" fan does this for several seconds or a few minutes and then goes back to normal, only to repeat this a couple of minutes later...
  18. F

    [SOLVED] What speeds should I set my fans at?

    So I got myself some new fans (Silent Wings 3 PWM) and I'm not really sure as to what speed/temperature combo I should set them at in the bios. I use my pc for gaming. The main reason I ask is because I was playing cs:go and my fans were at full speed even though cs isnt really a demanding game...
  19. W

    Question Fans get very loud when windows starts.

    I just replaced my I7 7700k and Asus Motherboard with an i7 9700k Asus Strix Rog Z390-e Gaming mother board. I also replaced my Corsair H100i Cooler with a Corsair H115I rgb Cooler. I was having doubts replacing anything because my PC ran like a champ, but I thought upgrading to the 9700k...
  20. oliver.kausland

    Question Fan speed when saving overclock

    Hi, so I just overclocked my GPU and when I was going to save it I started thinking about the fan speed. When i'm saving it, should i set the fan speed to around 75 (thats where I liked the GPU temperature) or auto or something low? This may be an obvious question, but I just want to do it...