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  1. A

    Question older asus build - having cooling issues

    Ive had this build for quite some time and Im not able to upgrade (working with what I have) Ive gotten into hardware monitoring and trying to make my rig as efficient as it can be. Ive used several hardware monitors , NZXT, HWinfo, Speedfan etc and the temps are weird, my CPUs are running...
  2. H

    Question Asus Tuf Gaming A17 - Super noisy fan, maybe fan speed problem ?

    Hi everyone, I have a Asus tuf gaming A17 as mentionned in the title. And since a few weeks the fans make an incredible noise, it sounds like it's tilted and hitting it's structure. It's really anoying so I have to check it during the next days. I checked my CPU/GPU temperature and other stuff...
  3. R

    Question PWM, DC, fan splitter.

    I just added my second PWM splitter. So now I have 1 splitter connected to 2 fans (CHA1) and 1 splitter connected to 2 fans (CHA2).... What I did notice however, when booting into BIOS and going to Qfan control, is that the fans were speeding up to 1400... Not all of them... just the ones...
  4. KKnows93

    Question Fan RPM in relation to my GPU temps, are these okay?

    I have been having problems recently with my GPU when it's under load making a pulsating noise when my GPU fans hit a certain RPM, they can even sometimes make my case rattle/vibrate. So I've been tweaking the fan curve and wondered if these values are okay for my GPU. Image 1 Image 2 Thanks...
  5. aqua_q

    [SOLVED] Heat issue - - My Gigabyte GTX 950 fan doesn’t work more than 67% ?

    I've bought a GIGABYTE GV-N950WF2OC-2GD Graphics Card 2 years ago. Back then, I don't remember if I had any problem with its cooling system or the GPU temp. But now it heats up to 78 C GPU and 87 C for hot spot (reported by GPU-Z) when playing games. It heats that much even in medium-light games...
  6. Quintas1

    [SOLVED] Change "fixed" fan case speed

    Hey everyone, my first time here. I think the answer in no but is there any way i could change my case fan speed? Note that these fans are not connected to the motherboard. Their only connections are straight to the PSU. These are "Fixed RGB180mm" im just having trouble figuring if the "fixed"...
  7. B

    Question Fan noise/speed on RX 6700 ?

    I've just updated upgraded my 1060 to a RX 6700 and its working out pretty well, obviously a big jump in performance. Its this card: I am noticing the louder fan noise though when the card is working hard. Plus the 6700 has 2...
  8. T

    Question Rx 6600 fan issues

    My graphics card is an MSI Armor 6600. My question is about fan speed. The fans ramp up very quickly and are quite loud. I have tried setting a custom fan curve through the Radeon Adrenaline software, but even though it saves my custom fan curve, once in game it just reverts to it's own loud fan...
  9. L

    Question Fan Speed Stuck

    I've been experiencing some trouble with any GPU customization where I change my fan speed setting but it resets to 40 immediately after. I've tried to customize the fan speed in Nvidia's performance tuner, MSI After Burner and EVGA's Performance x1 (I think it's called that) but the same issue...
  10. REXER897

    Question fans not ramping up at over 90 C (hwmonitor not reporting fans)

    i have a dell inspiron 3521 and its fans are not ramping up at over 90 C its been 9 years and i havent replaced any thermal paste or cleaned any dust im also on the latest windows version if anyone has a solution pls do help
  11. Zen0h

    [SOLVED] Strange infos from "Fan Control V112"

    Dear Community :D I've installed "Fan Control V112" a few days ago and realized, that one fan has a very low and the other an extremely high rpm. Is that normal, or do I have to look after that? Many many thanks! In bios, one fan is always at 0 rpm, maybe its the CPU?
  12. AceMemphis

    Question Case fan speed stuck under 1000rpm ?

    My mobo is a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P. I have tried 2 different 4-pin fans, and I have also tried every configuration in the BIOS auto/silent/manual with .75 to 2.50 PWM value per °C. No matter what setting I choose, the system fan 1 never runs higher than 1000rpm, which is odd because every other...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Control molex hub fan speeds

    Hello, I've recently bought some new fans for my pc, and while when there were only 3 it was almost silent, now with 6 fans running at full speed all the time, it's like a ventilator in the room. The thing is, my fans are argb from Aigo Darkflash and they connect to Aigos included hub, which in...
  14. Yeboochie

    Question Can't control fan speed ?

    I've tried MSI Afterburner, SpeedFan, and accessing the bios for fan speed control and have failed. It's either the fan speed controls are always blurred off out of access in the apps or just nonexistent. My laptop is a 4 year old ROG GL753VE and recently I've sought professional help with hard...
  15. L

    Question GPU fan speed showing "N/A" under load ?

    Hi, I was looking at the settings on my 5700xt and noticed that my fan speed was showing as N/A. I put it under load and still shows N/A. The fans are spinning. I also checked with HWinfo and it says the same thing. How do I fix this? Ryzen 7 5800x Powercolor 5700xt ASUS TUF gaming X570 plus...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] HP Omen 880 pre-built AIO fan immediately hits 5000 RPM on startup

    Hi there, I recently bought a desktop from a friend, which was a prebuilt HP Omen with the following specs: i7-10700k 2080ti 64 GB DDR4 3200hz HP Omen 880 case The rest of the specs are unknown, because I simply cannot find the exact model of this PC anywhere with full specs, meaning no MOBO...
  17. H

    [SOLVED] Is 75-83 GPU temp celsius fine for gaming?

    In December of 2020 I bought a prebuilt PC with a fairly small case making it not the most ideal when it comes to airflow and such, anyways. So my situation is that when I first started gaming on this PC the GPU temp would be around 80 Celsius I believe, I was mostly playing CSGO. Then a couple...
  18. S

    Question Why is my GPU fans running so loudly at maximum speed against my will? (Running at 100% when I set it to 60%)

    Hello all, I just completed a new build: Case: Tower 100 Motherboard: Asus Z590i CPU: i5-11500 GPU: RTX 3090 Founders Edition Memory: Corsair DDR4 3600Mhz 32Gb PSU: EVGA 650 watts G5 Gold Storage: 980 Pro 1TB When the computer is idle, the fan speeds are normal... Whenever I start mining, I...
  19. PaPies

    [SOLVED] Question about RADIATOR FANS not spinning faster while under load.

    Hello, I have a question about the fans always being on the lowest setting set by the BIOS. I want to give as much information as possible so I can get the best possible answer, so here it goes: My motherboard doesn't have a dedicated AIO_PUMP connector, so at the beginning I connected the 3...
  20. PaPies

    Question CPU Falsely at 91C, Fan at 100%, Not always (Need Help)

    Hello, I've recently built a computer and I have this problem where it would report the CPU being at 91-95C and spin the fans to oblivion (As I have 7 fans) Cooling in question is ML360R RGB from Coolermaster. MB: Gigabyte Gaming X I can't 100% confirm, but if I leave the fans at Normal...
  21. michaelscottgilbert

    Question What should i be checking next?

    Having black screens while gaming with super high fan speed inside case. Cannot do anything but hard reset computer to get out of the situation. Ive updated chipset drivers, bios and have done ddu uninstall of gpu drivers with reinstall of latest. What else could be causing this issue? Ive heard...
  22. A

    [SOLVED] 3090, Higher temps and less fan speed or lower temps and more fan speed

    So I've been wondering for a while and looked up different stuff but I'd really appreciate hearing from you fellow folks. I set a custom fan curve in msi afterburner to basically match the fan speed of my gpu to the temp its at, so its basically like when its at 60c the fans are at 60%. And if I...
  23. JayNyan

    [SOLVED] Where do I plug in my Corsair H100X fans and pump on my motherboard?

    Hi, I'm currently using a Corsair H100x with my Asus Prime Z390-P motherboard. On my motherboard I have a slot for the CPU fan and then one for an AIO pump, I was just wondering which slot I should plug the Pump into and the radiator fans into. The installation guide just says put the AIO pump...
  24. M

    Question Nvidia 1060 Strix 6GB not working

    Hello, Today was just a casual day. I was playing dark souls 3 on my pc. Then my game froze and the screen turned black. My fan started to ram up. I turned off the pc and turned it back on. Then my monitor said 'DP no signal' . I thought maybe my monitor was not working. I tried unplugging the...
  25. NoLongerHuman

    [SOLVED] 5900x going all the way up to 90c with ek aio 360 don’t know why

    Here’s my parts: - MSI Meg ace mobo -5900x Ryzen 9 evga ftw3 3090 1000w evga psu tridentz royal 4000 32gb I just turn it on and it starts to rise. I can finish windows install because of it. I go into the bios and put all the fans on max and it sits at 83c. Idk what to do I’m new to building...
  26. A

    Question PC only crashes in games, but not during a stress test or when overclocked.

    Hi, whenever I open up a game it'll play just fine for about 2minutes then crashes and gives me a blank coloured screen. In order to turn off the pc I have to hold down the power button for 10 seconds. I've tested this on many games and it crashes on all games except for games you can easily run...
  27. P

    Question Fan Speed Not Changing in MSI Afterburner

    So I have an MSI Ventus 3x RTX 3070 and I was hoping to change the fan speed with Afterburner. In the software, I made sure that "Enable user-defined software fan control" was checked and went to change the fan speed to 60% but every time I click apply, the slider goes from 60 ALL the way down...
  28. N

    [SOLVED] GPU fan speed goes up and down (from 0Rpm to 1400Rpm)

    RTX 2060 6gb my card fan speed goes up and down every minute or so. here is a NZXT cam - NZXT cam how can i change that it goes from 0Rpm to 1400Rpm on idle(online school)
  29. E

    Question CPU Fan Speed

    So lately my CPU fan speed ramps up to 3.8k rpm (highest its gotten) then dips down to 1000 rpm is there a way i can stop this from happening ive already changed the fan curve in the bios and it still does it i have a wraith max cooler that came with my 3700x it wasn't doing this before it only...
  30. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Fan noise on RTX 2070

    Hi. I have just installed ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2070 O8G GAMING in my new build. After about half an hour, I noticed a faint noise from the third fan located closest to the power inlet of the gpu. The noise is as if the fan is rubbing very lightly against something. A sort of a mild whooshing...
  31. S

    [SOLVED] is it safe to keep the CPU Fan And my 3 System Fans at 100% all of the time?

    I have an i7 10700K and recently I did a bios update and after the update, the CPU fan speed changed drastically and my CPU temps were 50+ degrees Idle. I quickly went into the bios and noticed that the fan speed was set to auto. I messed around a bit with the speed and changed the CPU fan speed...
  32. muchdsign

    [SOLVED] RTX 2080ti fans crazy RPMs

    Alright hi ! I've got a bit of a problem with a card I got a few months ago. The card worked fine for a good while, but one day it suddendly started to act weird, can't really say when nor why. MOBO : Gigabyte Aorus Ultra CPU : i9 9900K no overclocking GPU : Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti...
  33. S

    [SOLVED] GPU fans over 6000 RPM even after adjusting in MSI Afterburner

    Hi. So when using the MSI Kombustor stress test or even trying to create an online character in GTA V my GPU goes to 90°C, 100% fan usage and over 6000 RPM (1. OpenHardwareMonitor 2. you can hear it :/ ). And that even after adjusting the fan control curve. When I manually set fan speed to 100%...
  34. M

    [SOLVED] Can't change case fan speed

    Hi there, I just built a pc for my brother, and have used a fan cable splitter to have enough fan ports. Now I realise I can't change the fan speed in the Speedfan program. Also in the bios I don't see any fans popping up other than the cpu fan. Right now the fans are really cool, which is...
  35. C


    So i just checked this case recently, but it doesn't say the details of the fans, I am planning to buy this but I'm still questioning this, can anyone help me, does anyone know any details for the fans? And, does anyone know an ARGB 3-pin connector to USB?
  36. Noxious1

    [SOLVED] Help: TX850M Fan Speed Changes When Powering Up

    Hi, I just replaced my psu with a corsair TX850M and if i turn it on it will be normal fan speed then if i turn it off then back on next time its at high speed :/ so if i want to put it back to normal i got to turn off my pc again then back on just to get it back to normal speed.. any solutions?
  37. J

    [SOLVED] Cpu fan keeps ramping up and down

    Hi everyone! I recently upgraded to a ryzen 5 3600, but am having a weird issue. So i know the ryzen 3000 series has pbo on by default which i wanna use, because I use a aftermarket cooler. But what pbo does is it boosts my voltage + cores whenever I open chrome, open spotify or any other...
  38. Mason3k

    [SOLVED] Laptop Fans Don't Max Out But CPU Is At 90 Celsius

    Hello, I have a HP Pavilion Power 15, it was a refurbished cheap buy on amazon. I have had it for about 2 years now, and I just started to realize that the CPU temperature is at 90 C but the fans are maybe at 30-50% usage (I am guessing by ear) I have heard them go up to 100% during a BIOS...
  39. Seabass101

    Question Which is better Corsair or EVGA

    Hi, I was wondering if EVGA FX12 fans are better then the Corsair ML120 Premium Magnetic Levitation fans and why? So from a Performance standpoint with is better performing when used on a PC build?
  40. K

    Question How to set fan curve based on GPU temperature?

    While playing games, my gpu (2060 super) reaches 80C. But when I manually set the case exhaust fans to higher rpms, the temps drop to 78C or even 76C sometimes. In most of these scenarios, my cpu (Ryzen 5 3600) is mostly at 65C and for fewer games it is 80C. So, I tried setting up fan curve...